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Rozex and disulfiram-like reaction

Dear Dr.,

I suffer from rosacea and I was prescribed Rozex cream 0.75% by my dermatologist.
I have been using this cream for about a month and I have had apparently no problem with it.
Until 3 weeks ago.
A few minutes after putting the cream on my face I got strong nausea, with headache, throbbing in my head and neck, flushing, blur vision, tachicardia, pain in the chest and I felt very dizzy, like I was going to faint. I also believe I swallowed a bit of the cream since I had put it close to the mouth.
I was transported to the hospital.
They gave me a treatment for allergies and it helpt, even though I felt quite dizzy with headaches for several days.
My stomack has been quite painful for several weeks too and my tongue got damaged.
All allergy tests I passed, even for Rozex were negative.
The doctor I saw at the hospital is quite confused and did not know what diagnostic to give.
I read it was possible to get a disulfram-like reaction when taking metronidazole (rozex) with alcool.
I don't drink alcool (I don't support alcool very well, I get very red and my head spins not even after a glass).
However, I used a lotion to clean my face right before putting Rozex which contained Ethanol. It was the first time I was using it. Could it be possible I got a disulfram-like reaction with Rozex? Or maybe I put too much of the cream and got an overdose? It's not very clear to me (and to the doctor I saw) what can happen with this medecine.
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