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Rubbing alcohol on my private areas.

I apologize if I'm using MedHelp wrong it's my first time using it.

For a while my testicles and anus itched like crazy. To fix this I put rubbing alcohol and toothpaste all over my genitals and in my anus. And a lot of it, and I mean a lot. This is obviously a very foolish thing to do, but for some reason, I did it anyway. I did it for a year or so, maybe even longer, I'm not sure. I'm now very worried and regretful.  What are the possible effects and symptoms? How do I deal with it? How do I heal and reverse the damage done? Can I ever masturbate again? The only symptoms I know of is that my genitals are dry, red, and somewhat tender and painful; other than that, I'm not sure. Please help me.
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Hello and welcome to the forum. Thank you for your question but sorry you had this experience.  You are correct, your method of treating the itch probably wasn't the best idea. An itch on the genitals can be maddening though and I can understand the desire to solve that completely.  This was a year ago.  Most likely, the only issue is that you dried the skin out. Is the area still dry and painful?  Is the skin flaking? Mostly, you just added something would dry and irritate the skin of your penis. There should be no lasting repercussions from this. You can talk to your doctor about this which is always your best source of information, but also, copy and paste this article.  Remedies for dried, irritated penis skin include things like coconut oil among other things.  https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/325286
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Thank you for your response. And yes, it's only dry and tender. However, I am confused by your answer. I meant that I did this for a year, almost every single day, and I stopped several months ago. It was probably cause by my excessive masturbation habits. Which I feel is more severe than what you think I did.
I am also currently 14 years old, I did this when I was about 12 and I stopped when I was about 13.  I am quite worried because I am very young. I would think that my young age would make it even worse.
Do you see a doctor once a year for a well check visit? At that time, you can ask about your skin on your penis being dry and chafed. If you can speak to your dad about something to help such as coconut oil, that may help you unless you have means to purchase on your own.
So sorry for being a bother, I was going to ask this earlier but I was on vacation. Would there be any nerve damage? Would there be less feeling and pleasure? If so, could it heal to the point where it's as if nothing ever happened, or would there be permanent damages and effects? Thank you.
And would the masturbation have impeded the healing process?
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