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SEVERE itchy ankles/legs (mostly ankles)

I'm going to make this short as possible/to the point.

My name is Brian, I am a 24yr old AA who has ALWAYS had skin issues (acne, tinea versicolor, etc.). Over the year I had watched this small bump on my arm grow into these mini patches of small bumps. They aren't itchy or anything, BUT out of curiosity when I do scratch it it puffs up a bit....now just recently I started to experience SEVERE itching on both ankles and where the sock line is located (I ALWAYS wear socks) and noticed there's a bunch of tiny bumps starting to form. I thought it was due to the vitamin A and Vitamin D supplements I was taking right around the time I started to experience the itching. Now it's like a itchy sensation on my calves. Like what can this be? Is it Eczema??

My diet haven't changed, I workout religiously, no swelling, no sickness, just these itchy spots on my ankles/sock line, and the spot patch on my forearm. I mostly wear pants, and HATE going outside. I also might add that I wear socks so much there's literally a dark spot on both ankles of a black ring (haha)

1st pic are the small raised bumps on my forearm (non itchy)
2nd/3rd picture are the itchy bumps on my ankle and heel.
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