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Scabies or not?

About 3 weeks ago i was diagnosed with scabies. I an itchy rash on my right leg and a small rash starting on my stomach.  I had no rash in the webs of my fingers & toes or genitals. The doctor prescribed permethrine cream for my rash. After using the cream, the rash went away slowly. I am highly allergic to poison ivy, and i may have stepped in a patch of it a few days before when i was walking through the woods.

Then last week on Wednesday, i noticed i had a small itchy rash on my neck, it went away within a few hours. And just a day or two ago i noticed that the rash on my leg had returned. It was in the SAME EXACT spot, the same shape and size of the rash that was on my leg a few weeks ago. Within a few hours, that too had gone away.

I had a small itchy pink rash on my chest last night, so i used the cream a second time. When i woke up this morning it had gotten larger and other patches were visible on my chest as well. I'm wondering if there is a good chance this may not be scabies, and just some other rash? (My rashes seemed to get worse as i itched them, including the one on my chest now.)
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