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Scabies or something else?

It started about six months ago when I relocated from a Southern California desert to Crosby, Texas. Couple years earlier I left my motorhome in a friend's backyard in Crosby while I went to take care of business in the Mojave Desert. When I came back to Crosby I straightened up the master bedroom in my motorhome and laid down in front of the window unit and ran the air conditioner blowing on the crown of my head. So the next morning I noticed my scalp was a little itchy but I didn't think much of it, I thought I just needed to shower.

So my head got even more itchy over the next week or so to the point where I started wondering if I may be picked-up head lice somewhere. I didn't see any lice but I went ahead and bought lice treatment anyway and treated with it. I got a little relief, for a minute. It seems like they were starting to grow in my nose and I still constantly pick tiny gooey grey balls from my nostrils and my head constantly flares up and itches like crazy!

So I blasted them with bleach upon taking a flight back to California to take care of some other business and the problem seemed to resolve until the very hour I stepped back into Texas!

So I went back to doing lice treatment, it seemed like I was getting control but then I put on an old shirt one morning and boy let me tell you whatever was in that shirt spread on my body like wildfire! I did the lice treatment again but my showers were nearing 2 and 3 hours a piece to seem to bring it under control again.

I started noticing pimples breaking out on my hands and wrists and lower legs and when I would scratch them the tiny scab would come off and the things would bleed profusely! Let me reiterate, if I pick a scab it would bleed and not want to stop! Blood would come gushing out of any tiny scab anywhere, no matter how small, immediately, GUSHING OUT and would be nearly impossible to stop for the space of 5 to 10 minutes!

Okay so I began Ivermectin, bleach, sarcoptic mange medicine in the form of sprays and shampoos, I've been through Permethrin, demon insecticide, diatomaceous earth, Ajax, Gold Bond powder, neem oil, tea tree, clove oil, pine oil, cedar oil, olive oil, even prayer! NOTHING IS WORKING!  

Whatever it is lives in clothes for months! Whatever it is lives in buildings for months! It doesn't need a host evidently, it likes damp. It acts and looks just like scabies! All the articles say scabies dies within 3 to 4 days away from a host, and also says they die under high heat but I have nearly melted my clothes cooking them in the dryer only to have whatever this is STILL VERY MUCH ALIVE in the clothes!

Bleach seems to be the only thing that has any kind of effect but the stuff just keep coming right back!

The only other thing that gives me quick temporary relief is Icy Hot.

Icy Hot and Bleach is keeping me from killing myself but the problem is getting worse!

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You’re not alone. I’m dealing with the same exact thing right now. This has been going on for 5 months now. We’ve been to doctors and dermatologists and all of them do nothing to help except  prescribe us ivermectin and permethrin which has not worked.
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Bird mites….may have a nest somewhere
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I had the same problem. Did same treatments permethrin lotions, ivermectin pills….lice treatments….etc etc etc. wash everything washable store in air right containers or vacuum sealed bags, put mattress in bed bug encasements, check all around inside and outside of house for bird nests. My child put one near the outside dryer vent and that’s how my fiasco/nightmare started. I’m still having PTSD from it!
Oh don’t forget to vacuum 2-3xs a day empty vacuum right away in garbage can outside and clean everything not washable/dryable with bleach and water or rubbing alcohol
Oh don’t forget to vacuum 2-3xs a day empty vacuum right away in garbage can outside and clean everything not washable/dryable with bleach and water or rubbing alcohol
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