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Every winter I get dry skin which results in crazy itching. I frequently wake up with scratches from itching in my sleep and I've just become used to it. In November the itching started again so I didn't think anything of it. A few weeks ago, it's hard to remember when because I just assumed it was dry skin, I noticed my hands were really itchy and even had little bumps on them. They are hard and clear or skin colored. Some go away and then more come back. They are in between my fingers and on my palms and I think sometimes even on the outside of my hands. The general itch is all over my body though. There are definitely areas where I have scratched to the point of causing a rash. My boyfriend doesn't have any itchy symptoms and I have roommates, but they haven't mentioned any itchiness and also I don't really have any physical contact with them and don't really even see them often.

Last night I started googling the symptoms because it didn't seem like it was just dry skin anymore and I am horrified that I might have scabies! I made an urgent care doctor's appointment because I began to panic. I have no idea where I would have gotten it from. I'm really hoping that it's not scabies and maybe it is from a skin allergy but the more I research the more I think I have scabies.
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I had an appointment with a nurse practitioner today and feel even more confused now. I went into the appointment and told him I thought I had scabies and without even looking at it he said ok we treat that with over the counter cream. Of course at that point I freaked out and asked if he was sure and showed him my hand and arms and he said "those definitely look like bug bites." Which is obviously not what I was asking. He asked if I had contact with someone with them and I said no and he asked if I had traveled recently, also a no. Then he changed his mind and said he didn't think it was scabies but that they were flea bites or insect bites of some sort. He wrote down cortisone cream and permethrin cream and said I could pick it up at any drug store. I asked if my roommates and boyfriend needed treatment and he said not if they didn't have symptoms...

Then I get to the drug store to find out you do need a script for permethrin cream. So I had to call the office back to get them to call it in... Then I read the instructions for permethrin and it says its for treating scabies... I have no idea what to think and kind of feel like the nurse practitioner didn't really know what he was talking about.

I put the cream on anyway so hopefully if it is scabies, they'll be gone soon anyway.

I took pics of it if anyone has had anything like these marks before and know what they are:




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Sounds more like eczema.

Scabies jump around...so someone else should have them by now.

Let us know how it goes with your appointment.
If it's scabies you will have to tell everyone that you have been in contact with.
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