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Scalp Flaking

Around 7 years ago, I idiotically used neat apple cider vinegar on my scalp as therapy for dandruff without diluting it.

Caused burning, irritation and have had issues with scalp flaking ever since.

Have tried lanolin, desitin cream, QV jelly, Vaseline but it is stubborn and does not heal.
Thick flakes form which peel off to reveal weeping red itchy skin and the cycle repeats.

Any advice to treat definitively and achieve regrowth of epidermis would be much appreciated.

Pics at this link:

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See your doctor and check for whether it's eczema. It sounds like it. Possibly the flakes you were chasing originally was its first signs. There are topical creams the dermatologist can prescribe, and I even think there are pills you can take. Scalp eczema is very irritating, get a professional to take a look and give you some help.
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I'll also add that vinegar, the kind made for people to put on their salads, is only about 2%-5% acetic acid at most, and is not irritating to the skin. If you had said you used a 30% strength vinegar sold to kill weeds in the garden, it wouldn't be surprising to hear that it had stung your skin at the time, but even that is a short-term irritation and would have healed in a week or two. Nothing about it would have lasted 7 years. What you've got really sounds a whole lot like eczema.

Eczema can come for genetic reasons or in response to things you're washing your hair with that it doesn't like, but once you've got it, can be stubborn (especially if you are picking at the flakes). So, look up eczema, and do see a dermatologist. Good luck!
I have never had eczema anywhere else and this level of scaling only took place after the use of vinegar. It's gotten progressively worse over 5 years and it's advancing from my scalp onto my forehead
Whether or not it is eczema, see the dermatologist to find out what it is. I don't think it came from the vinegar.
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A new skin flake

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