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Scalp bumps

For about a month and half now have had severe itching on my head, Started feeling like bumps of various sizes
felt like a large pimple just under scalp,which itches really bad. Very painful,feels like the bumps are in some cases large and feel like a large pimple under scalp that if you press on sides seems it could pop like a pimple, but don't push on them
to that point.They are on the sides,back,top of head.Have been on 2-3 rounds of antibiotics which has not helped,
Have scratched some smaller ones to the point where they have bleed,and smaller ones that have forced myself to stay away from,have dried to a scaly feeling but they still itch. I did show a Rn that i work with and she said they were pusterial
bumps , and my primary dr. should send me to a dermotogist, The bumps on the crown of my head are very sore and large
to where I feel a large indention in center, and both sides of this indention hurt alot and all are VERY itchy.
Would like to know if anyone might have a clue as to what this might be? Have a few wks before returning to my Dr. where
at that time will ask for Dermotology Consult..
Also have tried MANY over the counter products--With no response!
Please help me with any information that might help in any way !!!!
Thank You
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