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Scalp is covered in white waxy substance that my hair is stuck under

So I broke out with a fungal infection all over my body well my scalp was then infected and the whole ordeal was so weird and nothing I ever seen or heard of before it left me so confused . I can’t find anything online about it which is so frustrating cause I have no idea how to treat this . Anyway it started out with somewhat of an itchy scalp with these tiny little dots all over that felt gritty like sand and were mostly around the crown of my head . The 2 days later the dots were gone and I had these dark little hairs shooting straight up all over my scalp which looked so odd well later on that day I noticed my hair line looked like it was shaved off and within an hour it was even further back with more of my hair all from the front of my head missing and looking like it was shaved my hair appeared thin all over like my hair was falling out . I then for some reason decided to take tweezers and pull at the little hairs shooting out of my scalp and what I never was expecting or thought even possible was to pull a full stand of my bright red dyed hair from my scalp !! I started pulling more and more and thick long tuffs of hair were gliding out from my scalp with hardly any effort and I started pulling the hair from my hairline that vanished earlier and when I pulled on them the hair was back again and I had my hairline back and my thin hair was back to being thick but it wouldn’t stay and my hairline was back to missing and looking like it was shaved . So I pulled at the little stubs again to get my hair back this time filming it so I could show anyone because it was so insane I couldn’t believe what was happening. All night I sat in front of the mirror playing tug of war with my hair scared that I wouldn’t be able to keep my hair permanently. The next day after passing out from doing that all night I instantly ran to the mirror and saw all the missing hair from my crown and went to pull it back out but this time there was some resistance and wasn’t gliding out with ease as the night before . Later on that day I could no longer pull any of my hair out and it was like a normal scalp if I pulled there was pain and pulling any harder would rip the hair from the root . I was devastated I was now stuck with bald patches along my entire hairline in the front of my head one patch going back pretty far with no way to cover it up and my right ear completely exposed with no hair to cover my ear . Within a couple of days I noticed my scalp looked really white and felt almost waxy . I decided to wash my hair and use my husbands tar shampoo. When I got out of the shower and dried my hair I could really see how white my scalp was and the weird film it had over it . It literally felt like candle wax I then pulled on the little stubs of hair coming from the missing patched and with some pulling my hair came out I was freaking out again I started pulling more and more hair came out it was now like it was trapped under this sticky feeling substance. So now I realized my scalp was encased In this thick white waxy sticky film and that a lot of my hair got trapped underneath it . There are even some baby hairs that are coming from my face more than my scalp cause it’s skin and I could actually see the fine hairs trapped under my skin but with some pulling can pull them out . Which makes this weird substance on my head so weird cause it’s obviously thick enough to completely cover tuffs of hair without making them visible but thin enough you can’t see it and it looks just like your normal scalp and skin so I’m extremely baffled. Also every time I pull the hair out of the sticky substance it ends up disappearing again . I’ve been showering a lot and using the tar shampoo and also purchased different fungal shampoos and every time I do the scalp becomes less sticky and now it’s very dry with little flakes of dandruff but barely that much and the hair is still sticking underneath. I was hoping if I got it super dryed out it would start to flake and release the hair but it hasn’t worked and now that it’s dryer it’s getting harder to get the hair out . I am so confused I have no idea what I’m dealing with  or even how to treat it I’m scared I’ll never get my hair back and have bald spots all over and thin hair . I’m even starting to get big bumps now from it becoming infected because of the hair being trapped because these are big wads of hair not one little strand . Around my hair line it looks like I have huge thick veins running along my head when it’s actually hair you can actually rub my scalp and feel large bumps and can feel all the hair underneath it’s so weird . My family is so freaked out they can’t believe what’s going on with me we all tried looking endlessly online and can’t find any help I’m getting so tired of this and just hope I can cure this I also noticed the roots of my hairs are all white now like this fungus that’s all over my scalp is growing up the shaft of the hair now . I hope I can get some answers about this and some serious help . Thank you
And just to clarify there are no scales with this it’s completely one piece and smooth it looks like my scalp but in certain lighting you can see whatever this is on top of my scalp and can tell it’s not my actual scalp but a weird film covering it .
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Have you tried a shampoo with Ketoconizole?  It works a lot better than coal tar shampoo for fungal infections.  But in all honesty, you really need to see a doctor because from the symptoms you describe you will need a oral antifungal as well as topical treatment.  Medication has to be determined by the type of fungus you have and that requires sample testing. You will feel a lot less anxious about what you are going through once you start taking action through a medical professional.  Trust me, you will just drive yourself batty trying to manage this on your own.  
I have had the exact same thing with addition of my facial skin will turn to extreme orange peel like texture and then the white, grainy, waxy sun stand sheets down my face from scalp descending to my chin.  Afterward there are blister along my forehead hairline filled with the same substance.  The same for my eyebrows and any are on my face that had open skin.  The substance build up around the corners of my mouth, above my eyebrow on the bones ridge and my lips.

I feel awful and antibiotics don’t treat as they only treat the secondary infection.  I’m mentally cloudy, poor memory, night sweats,  feeling of floating, intestinal bloating and gas, headache, blurry vision, double vision, scalp infections, skin infections, waxy skin, white waxy skin on ears, scabs have one to two hole around them which furry substance grows out.  
Okay everyone after 30 plus years of having this cb web on my scalp and face . Waxy substance on face and scalp and oily skin, pimples you name it . And more also 5 biopsies on scalp , told I need psych help and blah blah blah! I found out how to help u all out. I was on fluconizola 1 x for 6 weeks and I bought cold pressed pure neem oil . I’m finally feeling I almost like I got my life back. I shaved my head for years. Wore wigs, I’ll feel whole if my hair comes back in and eye brows and lashes . But I no longer have that cob web feeling anymore . That hard layer of skin on top of our real skin anymore. I truly believe it’s a form of black mold on us. The neem oil I just used a little bit on my scalp for three days straight and on my face diluted with water not much the tiny hairs come off after about third day on face and scalp after I was on the fluconazole for a month . Took long time to get the neem oil in mail. But I’m so glad I got it. Be careful please. I still use it on myself and sprayed it in my home by bed and outside as well. I also put a little in my dogs shampoo My dogs skin is now pink like it should be not a brown red color now . Please be careful with your dog only use it on dogs not cats etc... and very very little is needed. I put about a teaspoon in their shampoo. Thank god for all of you guys . I was first one who posted something in about hairs coming off skin so many years ago little by little I heard from you all w same symptoms . . You all kept me going . Cuz I really felt alone for many years. Have a great day. P.s. I got my fluconazole through doc on internet. Just told them I’m itching all over and oily skin and hair falling out. Didn’t mention the white hairs . Told them I’ve been exposed to black mold 4 times which is true and I cleaned the first one  I found on our porch w brush and bare hands  before I found out that was a big no no! After that is when I got the feelings on crawling and like a wet feel of wet hair running down my legs. And first two times I used the med I itches like crazy first 3  times I took it for 2 days after. You might too.
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Hi, going through this now and freaking out. Did you figure it out?
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I've been dealing with this all year.  I've consulted 2 internal med docs and 2 Dermatologists. I not only have the hair trapped under the sticky rubbery substance, much of the rest of my hair is stuck to my head but can be pulled up.  I also have a white lacy coating on my scalp as well as red sore spots and some hardened white crusts..  In addition, I have super-weird things happen, like waxy bumps form and I can cut them open and a bunch of hair will come out, my hair will be weaved into a checkerboard pattern over my head superfast, or braided. If I mess with it, it pulls really tight.  This happened during the first 4-6 months, not so much now.  It feels like and looks like my scalp isn't my sctual scalp.  I've felt at least 3 different surfaces, none of which are my actual scalp as I've had holes in my "scalp" where I can pull a bunch of hair thru it (sometimes feeling it being pulled back under).  There's also been a pattern of circles of hair with a plastic-like coating (like a plastic 6-pk pop can holder) that adheres to my head; and plastic like bars that criss-cross thru the center of my crown all the way down and across my head as well as a a piece that feels like a steak bone but all of these are made from hair, including the different layers of "scalp". The problem is the only way to know any of this is to actually touch it. You can't just look at it and determine what is going on.  I question whether there's a parasite under there though docs don't seem to think so.
    The 1st Dr said to use lice treatment just in case and prescribed a topical steroid for inflammation and ketaconazole shampoo.  Next I went to my PCP who said Alopecia but referred me to a dermatologist.  While waiting for the 1st derm appt I bought a scalp detox shampoo.  First dermatologist looked thru a lighted magnifier and said hair loss from trichotillomania but prescribed ketaconazole shampoo, antibiotic ointment and a different topical steroid both to be used 1x/day 5 days a week.  At this point the majority of my scalp was a gummy substance that I couldn't remove.  The first day of using her Rxs and my detox shampoo, the gummy scalp went away.  However, NOT the stuff covering my hair at the crown and center hairline.  
  The 2nd derm just looked without anything and said Alopecia.  Neither Dr would touch the spots to feel that it was different nor look at pictures that even slightly showed some of the weird things.  This Dr prescribed 6 weeks of an oral antibiotic and antifungal, plus ketaconazole everyday, and a different topical antibiotic as well as topical steroid both 2x daily.  It has been about a week since I saw him and it appears to be helping. I can start to feel the hair under the substance on the crown and can pull it out though it tends to go back.  
  I have tried Apple Cider Vinegar earlier in the year as well as different essential oils.  I am going try Lemon juice/water to see if that gets rid of this.
    I'm hoping that whatever this is, all these meds take care of it. I'm tired of obsessing over getting my hair out from under and being bald.  It would be nice if doctors actually LISTENED to us.I get it, there's a pandemic but they act like they're afraid to learn anything new, or touch a person or look under a microscope. God forbid they take a SAMPLE !
  Sorry for the long post but wanted to share my experience and weird symptoms.
  If this treatment doesn't work, I'm going to a Hair Clinic.
Thank you so much for your response it is honestly relieving in a way to not be the only one in this situation. Finding anything on the internet is impossible I’ve tried every keyword and never could find so much as a name to this horrible condition. I was starting to feel scared cause I thought I was alone .

I made that post in May when it first started and now going into November I am still dealing with this mess . Between that time though my scalp and hair have gone through very weird changes through the months some almost seem impossible.

When I first got this I only had 3 small oval shaped bald spots but the next 4 months the spots got bigger and bigger and this waxy film was layering on top of the spots and my hairline and forehead . I would even witness this waxy substance cover my scalp and then spread into my face and then entire body .  Usually if I took a hot shower or sweating or having anxiety would cause an outbreak . It would start with round white patches all over my skin then my scalp would go rock hard and the hair on my head would lay flat down against my scalp . Some of it disappearing under the waxy spots on my scalp . It also would cover more and more of my face until my eyebrows and eyelashes were completely covered and my hair along my hairline just gone the patches of acne covered . I could feel the heaviness of this waxy stuff around my eyes and cheeks my entire body was covered and I no longer had any body hair . Also any makeup I was wearing would be covered up as well . If I had a loose strand of hair fall on my skin right before, the wax would layer over my skin then the strand of hair would almost appear like a deep scar because the wax would layer over the strand of hair and would cause it to leave strange marks almost like deep indentations . The more layers of this stuff the worst my skin looked my face looked horrible I had huge deep almost burn like scars all along my cheeks all because of the long strands of hair on both sides of ears being completely covered and causing it to look horrible.

I also had the weird waxy bumps on top of my head that when rubbed with tweezers hair just pops out .

So after 4 months and using every antifungal,  medicated even parasite related products the only one that slightly worked was ketaconazole which dried my scalp up . After 4 months I started noticing a random pattern  . Out of nowhere I would feel insanely itchy for like 5 minutes and then it was gone . Then I would have the annoying sensation of a loose hair on my leg but on closer examination I noticed my whole body had random loose hairs , lint , and there would be a musty odor with this and  the waxy layers that built up over months starting to disappear and every time a layer would vanish it would uncover more things stuck under my skin even old makeup on my face was popping through. It took monthsss to loose almost all the layers I finally have body hair again and the weird thing is when I lost the finale layers my arm hair and pubic hair where growing flat and linked together like a fence because of the waxy layers sitting on top of my skin my body hair could only grow flat and pressed together so that was very odd to see .

Anyway now I no longer have the waxy soft spots on my scalp but I have small white scales all over my scalp and all my hair is in a cross stitch pattern pin to my scalp just like you mentioned I can feel layers and layers of hair my hair almost feels like it was felted together in one giant web . I also noticed the hair under all the layers is completely white now and feels brittle . Also when I use the flat end of the tweezers and rub back and fourth along my hair line a bunch of strands of hair will sprout out like a plant from my skin it’s so weird .

I’ve also tried so many times to brush out my hair cause the annoying part of this all is everyone thinks I lost my hair or I’m going bald mind you I just turned 30 but I know for fact I never lost a strand I have all my hair it’s just twisted together so tight in weird directions all over my head and I have managed to brush a large amount of hair out and had my hair down past my chest only for it to all of a sudden snap and twist up so fast and tight I looked like I had huge shaved spots again . No matter what the hair just twist back up and looks as though I have none and that part is extremely frustrating because no one understands that and thinks I have some hair lost problems.

I’m sorry for the long message as well it’s just so relieving to talk to someone who knows what I’m going through I haven’t left the house since May because of this it’s ruined my self confidence and is making me insane I can easily spend 12 hours straight in the mirror obsessing over this and even developed ocd because if it . I just hope we both can get rid of this for good for are sanity .
I agree. It is nice to just have someone to talk to about it that understands what you're going through.  It's a very lonely situation to be in because of the weird things that happen that only you can feel.  All I get is "it's an infection" or "stop pulling your hair out" without so much as a skin scraping or having them look closely at the spots with rubbery stuff where it can clearly be seen there's hair trapped under it.
I have these (what feels like) protective waxy bumps all over my head with striations from hair and with two tiny holes in each (almost like air holes). I can rub them away (they disintegrate) but they come right back and there's so many, it's impossible to get rid of all of them. Sometimes they go away on their own, but they come back and it feels like there's a cast on my head. I get a burning feeling too-like they excrete some protective substance. I also get the ones you're talking about where there's hair inside.  
I don't have it all over like you do. I can't imagine that.   So far I only have it on my head, but it feels like whatever is in there, has crawled into the back of my neck. It aches. I don't have skin symptoms as it seems they like the hair.
  I too obsess over it...especially when it feels like all my hair has been wound up and pulled in tight. I have to take a fine tooth comb to loosen it and get it back out.  Otherwise it leaves very little hair. I'm blonde and have always had very fine hair as it is. Whatever this is, it leaves a brown residue on the surface and on my hair that seems to go on to the comb.  
  Thank you so much for responding. Please keep in touch w your progress be it new symptoms or solutions.  I'll do the same. It seems we as consumers have to help each other as it doesn't look like the medical community has any answers on this one!
Hello. I’ve been in the same boat as you guys! This started almost 2 years ago and no one seems to want to help me or figure out! My family thinks I’m crazy and I’ve been fired from two jobs over the past two years. My husband just thinks I’m lazy and don’t want to help around the house. But whenever I touch something it seems to be damaged. If I try to fold clothes, they end up with strings hanging off of them and my floors have “wet, oily looking spots” on them, tile in the kitchen, bathrooms and even our hardwood floor. Our carpet has black spots on it that appear to be damp at times. We have a guy coming into check for mold next week. If we don’t have mold in our house, I don’t have a clue what to do anymore… I’m so glad to find out that there are others going through this, although I would never wish this on anyone, even my worst enemy.
So, an update... I'm 5 weeks into the antibiotics, antifungal and topical steroids. I return to the 2nd derm on Monday. I'm sure he's going to fuss at me because there are red spots and suggest I'm picking at my skin. Those are spots where I believe whatever this are attached and are irritating the skin with some of those protective wax bumps. (Guessing).
Anyway, I FINALLY got rid of the majority of the last rubbery spot covering hair (I can feel hair there now!). But when using my phone  camera or usb cam, I can still see hair buried under some of the film so I'm not totally there but it's progress. What I have been doing is using a mixture of about 2 oz lemon juice to 6 oz water in a squirt bottle and applying it with the ketaconazole shampoo, massaging it in and letting it sit for ~5 min and rinse.  I do that daily.  I also decided to go back to the Apple Cider Vinegar/water in a squirt bottle (same ratio as lemon juice). I use that at random, applied to wet or dry hair. It can burn sometimes which is why I set the ratio 1:3 ACV:Water (you could increase it if you want).   It soothes the scalp, helps w/ stickiness especially after pulling embedded hair out, and hair dryness. Can also use it as a clarifier and it seems to help soften hair and work on the small white scales you mentioned. I have that on parts of my scalp still.  I probably should leave it in for 30 minutes before rinsing it out but the whole process takes so long as it is, I don't have the time.  I also use Pantene DAMAGE DETOX SCALP CARE Shampoo ($2.99 @ Ollies) after the other stuff when I have time (leave in for 10 min).. It really makes your hair and scalp feel so much better.  I'm still struggling with the embedded hairs, waxy stuff, the hardening, and the weird soft waxlike banding underneath that also has hair inside and puffs up when I "make it mad" lol. I have been able to bust thru the top of these bands that crisscross but the bottom of it is "glued" and I haven't figured out how to get that off.  So,  continue to obsess 12-18 hrs/day and hope one of us comes across a miracle cure or a Dr that listens!
Hi guys.  I am having the same exact problems.  My hair is making "sand" which has now formed a concrete helmet for my head.  Feels like there are staples inbedded in the hair, but when I pull them out they disintegrate.  Hair magicly forms a razor thin waxy coat to cover little fluff pillows and if you can get to the fluff pillows they transform into sand.  My family does not believe me so I have stopped communicating about this with them.  The back of my neck aches and I can sleep for 10-12 hours a night.  This all started when my scalp started oozing liquid sebum.  I was poking holes in the sebum and trying to sqeeze it out.  I now have some cuts on my head which were just confirmed for mrsa today.  Also I had a yeast infection; I think it has something to do with yeast.  I am praying this is not Morgellons Disease.  I just put in a leave of absence at work because I am so stressed out.  Other symptoms are depression and post menopausal stuff like hot flashes.  Also I don't eat well and live on diet coke, coffee and puff bars.  Oh and no appetite.  The pounds are coming off of me.  Someone suggested clove oil to me... I will try it and post the results.  Take care, Dena :-(
Hi denaevo. Do you feel like those "staples" are being shot into your head?  I had that early on and it was quite painful. Some would dissolve and others were like a crust stuck in my head. Along with that my hair would be woven into a net so fast and if I tried to undo it, it would be pulled tighter, also horribly painful. I've never experienced anything like this in my entire life.
So everything that you described fits my problem to a T and I believe it started about 4 years ago, its like whatever this stick, waxy, hair crap is, I felt it start and for about 2-3 monthsI was in a constant 24/7 state of terror because I thought bugs/worms were crawling under my skin. Before the crawling feeling started, one night I was popping a pimple on my cheek and I saw a clump of these nasty little hairs start to pop out but then went back in very quickly so I indeed thought it was a little white worm.  After a while the crawling feeling subsided, and up until recently I thought it was just a period if time that I was going through a mental break. But now for the past 3 months the lint stuff you mentioned along with the wax, and very sticky white stuff has been coming out of my skin and I dont know if this makes sense or not but it looks exactly like what I could have been feeling. It even feels like its inside of me, I have the feeling of hair in my throat and feels like my esophagus  is clogged up with it. When I'm able to get it up, i spit in a water bottle because it just doesn't feel right and I've wanted to see what it is and its is that linty, hairy sticky stuff. Sometimes its so bad that I have to use a flashlight and my tweezer to pull it out of my throat. These hairs are on my eyelids, going down into my eyes,, in my ears, and everywhere else you can think of. Sometimes I feel like my body is being smothered In the thick web like hairs you mentioned. Its so bazaar and so miserable, especially being ive been totally alone with it as everybody thinks im crazy and hallucinating all this. You mentioned air pockets, and that is absolutely what they are. I told my derm that its like little tunnels are running through my skin and she looked at me like I was bat **** crazy. The other night I was picking these nasty little hairs out and it brought me to a spot on the corner of my hair line and it was like a candle. I was able to dig my tweezers down into it and it went all the way to the middle of my forehead so I was digging the **** out, and the next day it didn't look cut up or anything. I have this crap from head to toe, in my finger and toenails, whatever it is, it blocks my nails from growing so I've been getting a lot of ingrown nails. I have no eyebrows because they ended up getting pulled out as I was pulling what I thought were ingrown hairs out. Its been a while now that ive had my face destroyed, but I figured out by looking very closely at these strange circle patterns, and after you pluck a couple of the hairs, just keep following the pattern as more will pop out as you keep plucking and after a while more and more will come out and if that nasty waxy stuff starts use a toner with salicylic acid which devolves it, and almost turns it into these weird hairs. Ive stopped using the expensive meaningful beauty face wash and went back to good ole noxzema, followed by salicylic acid toner then Neutrogena rapid wrinkle repair lotion which has collagen in it and that all on its own has been a god send. Once or twice a week i do the Aztec clay healing mask. It hasn't gone away but it's drastically improved. Even though my face is still a mess from fresh scars and whatnot,, I feel like my face is starting to look healthy and soft again.  I've given up talking to people about it because they look at me with disgust, its very lonely, I spend the majority of my time in the mirror, I hate it so much, I cant even sit and enjoy doing my make up because anytime I even lightly touch my face, I have to go and the tweezers because the touch made stuff start coming out.  I have OCD because of it, I feel like whatever this is has come out and is all over the house, as I see that damn strange pattern in everything now. Im scared and so worried its going to my organs because of the way I feel. The other night I was frantically searching the internet and I finally came across an auto immune thing called systematic scleroderma and localized scleroderma, and it effects both skin and body, the pictures i saw looked exactly like everything we all have described. It gave me a little bit of relief but I won't be 100%   relieved until I get a diagnosis. The other thing I came across years ago was morgellons but that is so controversial on whether its a real physical problem or a mental problem, but reading people descriptions, it fits. I realize I'm commenting on an old post and hope everybody has found some relief
I forgot to add that I also have these clumps of nasty little sharp hairs. Just touching them makes me cringe and when I pull them out it bleeds so bad, but after I get them out, the spot looks better
I forgot to add that I also have these clumps of nasty little sharp hairs. Just touching them makes me cringe and when I pull them out it bleeds so bad, but after I get them out, the spot looks better
it has totally consumed my life, I was fired from my job because I was late everyday from try to get my skin to look somewhat presentable, and after I finally made it into work I was extremely distracted. I cant enjoy time with my kids because I cant get out of the mirror, when I try to distract myself I get itchy, or feel hairs coming out and im right back to the mirror, these weird flowy almost spiderweb like hairs are all over my clothes, bed, car EVERYWHERE. Im constantly washing my hands, wiping stuff down and disinfecting everything just for it all to return. I am so exhausted from it all, I have constant anxiety, when I have to go out to a store I keep a beanie on so nobody sees my tore up eyebrowless face. My kids let me talk to them about it but I think they're even getting tired of hearing me talk about it, and seeing me in the mirror destroying myself. I am constantly trying to think of different things from my past that could have caused this and some of it makes sense, but I feel like I'm really grasping at straws majority of the time, ive even used blue dawn as body wash and shampoo as its a decreased lol. Im at a loss, I've already made 3 different posts in the same thread about itwithin the last 20 minutes and im not even certain anyone will read it because it's an old post, but this is the first thing I've ever come across thats identical to my issue,, its somewhat relieving that im not alone or crazy, but at the same time I wouldn't wish this crap on anybody.
OMG-- I am having the exact same problem however mine start on my eyebrows and has covered my whole face and is on my scalp by not to the level it is on my face and back, They are treating it as a folliculitis and stated that the "excretions" from the bacteria are what caused the wax however I have only been on doxycycline for 4 days and and starting tacrolimus ointment tonight. I do not feel this is what I have. Do y'all have areas that are so hard that they are literally like pulling a dang fingernail out of the thick waxy skin? And I had some attach to the tips of my ears that I could NOT pull off. I feel as if I am wearing a mask and get claustrophobic feeling sometimes - I HATE THIS. It really went crazy when I cam e down with COVID about a month ago. Did you ever find anything that worked well on it?
Oh my God I can't believe that somebody else has the same thing going on. It's the most insane thing that's ever happened in my life did the doctors the same thing they give me topical treatment I wanted every different kind of shampoo off the Internet freaky thing is it's a problem called sebum I actually saw it like my scalp morph into what look like skin after I remove this stuff it was like a horror movie where did skin just I covered my head Hey can take it off but you can't see it is invisible. I tried to explain it to people and they think I lost my mind. Well if I lost my mind at least I know I got company. all these doctors have an answer. Nothing works it's just morphs into different problems. Demodex mites.
Did anybody try a parasite treatment? I read a comment on a blog had the person said that the treatment for parasites worked for those little bitty pieces of stone that you find on your scalp. It's now coming up on a year this probably is not solved! If I'm not nuts from this after dealing with it for a year I will be soon. If you guys find a solution please let me know.
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I have the same white waxy scalp with it feeling like a helmet.  I also get a white waxy grainy substance that sheets down my face , hairline to jaw.  It leaves white this build up over my eyebrows, my top lip, corners of my mouth and if there is any break in my skin on my face, it will leak out of it.  The substand feels like a mix of wax and baking soda and is bright white.  

I’ve been search for an answer and all I’ve found is it must be tested properly with a deep biopsy of the scalp that must contain the entire hair follicle.  Also check your eyebrows and see if there is redness or tiny little pustules.

I you have any other symptoms?  Mental cloudiness, night sweats, blurry or double vision, loos of facial or body hair, hair texture gritty and loss of color, feeling of floating, dizziness, stuffy nose, sinusitis, thick while or clear discharge from sinuses, diarrhea and or constipation , itchy or painful scalp, spots in your mouth, white area on your tongue, cravings of sweets, surgery items,  or alcohol?
I do! I have the same exact thing! Guys this is ruining my life! It started a year ago! Omg I am tearing up, this has been such a lonely and devastating situation for me! I feel crazy! I’m jealous you guys had doctors look at it! Mine prescribed me psych meds! Huge slap in the face! Please help!
They tried to prescribe pimozide for me too, treats Tourette’s and delusions.  I told the doctor I’m not taking something to alter my brain that side effect can possible cause me tardic  disconeesea(sp). Anyway I’ve had it now for 2 years and I’m also at a loss bcuz we are not taken seriously!   I told them this is real I’m not imagining it and he says well “sensations are real” ugh!  So dermatologist are not willing to entertain anything other than what they can see.  I’ve showed the pictures of the red sore spots many times and the most I can do is try and stop infections by using the doxycycline he prescribed in the past.
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ROPE WORM!!!! I think that might be the cause you guys!!!! Look it up!!
mimosa pudica seed capsules seem to help! guys this is some creepy ****!
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This is exactly what is happening to me
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This is exactly what is happening to me
I’m losing my mind over this I went to my PCP and had test for autoimmune but was told I didn’t have that
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I am experiencing these symptoms right now as well!. I have these black waxy hard strands on my scalp...my hairline looked like it was shaved off...my hair is twisting up in this weird pattern. When I come my hair...it snaps back down like elastic...I have also discovered this thin film coming my skin. Whenever I get the film off, hair is found underneath it. It is all on my face and when I rub what I thought where acne scars, turns out to be hair from my scalp on my face. I am freaking out and nobody believes me!
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Sounds similar to my condition.  Fly strike from large black fly, loud buzzing noise.  Dealing w this and cannot get help from Dr’s.  Would not even known this fly was in my hair if not found next day in my towel, after washing my hair.  Dealing w this on my own, no help from physician’s. Even ER would not check my scalp, stayed across the room and this is unbelievable.  
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Same thing has been happening to me for 4 years ... hair twists and knots itself up on its own - I spend at least two hours a day trying to untangle my hair, some days I make it worse & some days I manage to untangle most of it however the moment I stop, move or sleep (sleep is the worst) is springs back up into a tangled mess ... I thought i was just balding however whenever I spend hours untangling I can clearly see my hair is still all there ... feels sticky, also wax coated & all my hair gets stuck in my face ... like a flat line from the top of my head to my neck, when it flares up it disfigures my face, makes me appear wrinkled and my skin is like orange peel ... then when it’s a good day the hairs stuck in my skin comes out (which you can feel when the hair lifts off the skin) and my hair starts to untangle .. then my hair tangles itself back up & gets trapped again in my skin ... quite literally everything you have all explained is the exact same with me ... I have been to 50 doctors, dermatologists & NONE of them have been able to help. They think it’s all in my head & even though there are thousands of us suffering the EXACT SAME BIZZARE symptoms they still refuse to see we are legitimately suffering.
I have lost everyone but my closest friend ... my family don’t believe me, work doesn’t understand ... It’s so lonely suffering so much while having to convince people you are not going crazy.
My hair twists and pulls so much my head is in agony, it twists my neck, shoulders .. I feel hair and debris in every inch of my body. I just want to look like me again.
Please someone help us ... I honestly can’t go on much longer, I just wish I could make someone listen .. I just don’t want to be here anymore
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I've tried Albendazole (parasite stuff), but it doesn't seem to make too much of a difference.   I got Dermarest Psoriasis, that seems to work better than anything else. Also a combo of rosemary, lavender, oregano and jojoba oil. Neem oil is great in general, as is triphala. Turmeric mixed with jojoba or coconut oils.
I was also prescribed doxycycline and some steroid, but would rather not use the steroid due to side effects.
As for scleroderma, that's a possibility, but not my issue, as I was tested for it earlier this year (different medical issue, though now I'm convinced it's all related).
Yes, the docs treating me like I'm nuts definitely sucks...
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