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Scar tissiue on penis after surgery

Dear Doctor
I recently had surgery on my penis foreskin to remove sebaceous
syst, Its been about 7 weeks and they have almost completely
healed, except one that is just about healed but left a small
size lump under the foreskin like scar tissue and when Im erect
the bump sticks out a little bit and Im very self concsious
about it. I saw my doctor about it, he said it should go away.
but not 100% sure if it will, I do not want this scar tissue
at all. I was wondering if you recommend any scar tissure
treatments that may get rid of this scar tissue or do I have to
have the scar tissue removed surgically, or does this just take
time. I have been putting vitamin e on it hoping it might help.
But I dont know if it working.
Please Help.
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Scar tissue can take several months to get reabsorbed.  Vitamin E may help, and is certainly harmless.  Meantime, don't pick or squeeze or even examine the lesion, since that will delay things.


Dr. Rockoff
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