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"Scars"/ strangely textured skin left behind hives and rash

Hi there! About two weeks ago, I broke out in a rash on my arms, chest, and legs. It started as "hives" (or what I think were hives) then quickly turned into a raised, red, bumpy rash. I am allergic to grass and had been sitting on a blanket on grass, so when I went to the doctor, they assumed it was that and prescribed me antihistamines on top of the daily one I already take, to help clear up the rash. The hives, rash, and itchiness are all gone, but my skin is still "bumpy" almost as though it was scarred. However, I tried not to itch and didn't have any scabs or anything, so I don't know how it went from rash to scars? Has anyone experienced this? Will I be permanently wearing scarves and sweaters to cover the strangely textured skin? Or will these flatten out?
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This could be Contact dermatitis, an allergy type reaction. Contact dermatitis is an inflammation of the skin caused by direct contact with an irritating or allergy-causing substance (irritant or allergen).

The skin inflammation varies from mild irritation and redness to open sores, depending on the type of irritant, the body part affected, and the sensitivity of the individual.
Common allergens associated with contact dermatitis include:
Poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac, other plants, nickel or other metals etc.

Mild corticosteroid medications may be applied on the affected areas to reduce inflammation, but only to be used for a short period of time.


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Thanks very much for the speedy reply!

But now that I have treated the rash, will these leftover bumps (which are neither hives nor a rash) go away? The reaction is only temporary, correct?

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