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Scrotum Hair Fungus?

Ive noticed for probably 5 years now that some of the pubic hairs on my scrotum are discolored and look like there's a thin layer/skin of fungus or bacteria growing on them.  The normal color is black and these particular hairs look like they may as well be blonde but its definetely noticable that there is a coating of something on these hairs. Its enough to feel like I can pinch my fingers together and scrape the substance off the hairs with my nails but it doesnt seem to come off easily. I usually use exfoliating gloves or a loofa which are only for my use but I have noticed this for years and can't seem to get it off during normal showering and most of the time it just goes un-noticed.  The only hairs that seem to be affected are on the right side of the scrotum but there are some on the other side also. I have no physical pain with this problem though throughout my 4 years in the military I have been diagnosed with epididymitis multiple times though nobody can seem to tell me why or how to make it not happen again. I have been tested for STD's multiple time and have been married to the same woman for nearly 3 years. She has also been tested and is negative also though I am quite sure that this is not in the STD category at all.
So I'm just writing to ask if this is a common thing seeing that the scrotum is usually in a dark, moist environment, probably a favorable place for fungus/bacteria to grow.  It doesnt grow out of control or show ANY signs of progression but a close look makes it look like these hairs are growing this way out of the scrotum.  I have shaved my pubic region and scrotum multiple times but it keeps showing up which makes me think that only these select hairs are growing this way.

If anyone has any input, comments, suggestions, or answers please let me know. This has gone on long enough without telling anyone of the problem since I feel that it is nothing to worry about but it would be nice to get some peace of mind.  :)   Thank you to anyone who can help!
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hey i have the same prob did you ever figure out what was going on if you did or any one else. can you please post it so i can take care of this problem it would be much appreciated
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I have the same symptoms guys.  And have for atleast 2 years.  Too embarassed to go ask my doctor. Do we know what it is yet?
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My husband has the same symptoms...However, he is not the one to go to the doctor so therefore I am clueless.  Hopefully, one of the MDs will respond soon.  
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I've had this same issue for the last 5yrs or so. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with it although, I'd like to know more of why it's happening and what to do to get rid of it.  It is definitely not a nice thing to have in an intimate eencounter.

I've also noticed that these hairs seems to be weaker than the others. They seem to break off easily if pulling and grow flatter as opposed to the natural spherical shape of normal hairs.
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I did more research on this as I thought the issue could be related to what seems like excessive sweating in the crotch area. As I searched, I found this info which seems to offer up some solace, an explanation of the problem, and possible treatment.


Good Luck.
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Thank you very much!  
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My husband has it also. I noticed that his hairs were turning a red color. Whatever has attached it self to his pubic hairs is a redish orange color. It's very hard to get off. Sometimes it is thick. The only way to keep it under control is to shave the area off. It's down by his scrodum.  I wish someone knew. I can't get him to go to the doctor. Will this in some way damage my reproductive organs?  
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Vinegar! Kills fungus and bacteria, and is all NATURAL! Use it straight if you want, but you can mix it in a 50/50 mix with water. Vinegar works for cleaning windows, sanitizing counters, LOTS of stuff! It will also kill bottle bacillus, the bacteria that causes itchy scalp. Keep it in a large spray bottle. Spray it on glass, scalp, scrotum, anywhere!

Keep using it on your scrotum, penis, inside of thighs until it's gone, morning and night after showering. Keep the area clean twice daily with a washcloth or scrubby brush. Then spray it down with vinegar. This works for any kind of fungus growing down there too.

I would preferably shave the old hairs off with built up bacterial compounds, then use the regime until the hair grows back in clean.

This also works for itchy scrotum. Just keep using the mix (or straight vinegar) until symptoms go away. It shouldn't take long.

You can use apple cider vinegar or distilled vinegar, but apple cider vinegar is not as harsh on your skin.
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I had the same problem a year or so ago and tried a buch of diferent things that didnt work so i started spraying my rightguard deo on the area to see if that would help and about a week later it cleared up. I dont know what the scientific makeup is but it worked.
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T-tree oil is anti bacterial and anti fungal and works well with this condition applied daily
also athletes foot powder does a good job at stopping it
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I have had this condition for some time (years) and have tried several things to get rid of it. Finally I have found the solution! I found that normal shaving would not solve the issue, it seems as though it is just to hard to get rid of every hair. This seems to leave some of the fungus behind so as soon as any hair begins to grow back it becomes covered quite quickly. Next I decided to try Nair for men. Believe it or not, this worked! Now mind you, it will leave you looking like a child down there, but when the hair grew back, no fungus was there and it lasted for several months. But alas, after a few months, it came back. Now, I have found the great product Oxy Maximum Face Wash. It is for acne but this stuff works like a charm! It is the benzoyl peroxide that is taking care of this issue. I keep a bottle in my shower and every day when I shower, I soap up very well and even let it set for few minutes before rinsing off. Dry off very well! I even stand in front of a fan to make sure I am completely dry. It only took a couple of days for the fungus to completely disappear and now I just wash off as a precaution. I really hope this helps for anyone else suffering from this problem, it is wonderful to have no odor or embarrassing fungus on my hair. I must say, my girlfriend likes it to, so I got that going for me, which is nice.....
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Holy ****.  I have had this problem for YEARS.  I have searched the internet multiple times in a determined manner and this is the first successful hit in...4 years of searching.  Incredible!  Could this disease of scrotal hair be something relatively new to mankind?  I don't think it is, but I have searched persistently and am perplexed as to why I am only now finding results on the web.
I've shown the doctor my balls under a bright light and he recommended anti-bacterial soap without even hardly listening to my description of the fungus/discoloration and fragility of my scrotum hair that grows on the area where my scrotum sits against my legs (and stays moist and warmer).  I think he wanted to just get me out of there.

The soap he recommended didn't work. Since then my method has been to shave my balls whenever I happen to be getting laid frequently.  This has been going on for years.

The fungus/mystery ailment of the scrotal hair seems to return after shaving, which makes me think it can reside on the skin or that my attempts at shaving have been adequate and complete.

It makes the hair fragile.  It discolors the hair.  It warps the growth of the hair.  It changes the texture of the hair and the hair becomes thicker (either the fungus/organism is growing on the outside or the hair itself grows thicker/rougher as a symptom).  It smells yeasty, fungal.

I think I will try using vinegar, then tea tree oil, then benzoyl peroxide.  Right guard deodorant is known to cure atheletes foot, so it makes sense that it might work here.

I will report back to this thread with results.
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