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Seasonal Acne

During the months of October and November I experience a break-out of acne on the lower half of my face (near my chin).  I am 36 years old and normally do not get blemishes other than an occasional one during my menstrual period.  During my teens I did have breakouts and was under the care of a dermatologist.  He prescribed a topical cream that helped.

Why do I have this problem during this time only?  What treatment do you recommend to keep it under control or prevent it all together?  Please note that my diet or other life habits do not change during this time.

Thank You
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Acne, like many skin conditions, has fluctuations which may be hard to explain.  Most acne is not seasonal, certainly not during two months of the year as yours seems to be up to this point.  Although I cannot explain this pattern, I think you should respond to a simple regimen, probably topical (external), though oral medications may help if needed.  If OTC products like benzoyl peroxide don't hep enough, you should consider consulting a dermatologist as you did when you were a teen.  Postadoloescent acne is common and annoying, but usually doesn't last to long or require much heavy lifting to control.


Dr. Rockoff
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