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Sebhorric dermatitis (face) treatment

I was diagnosed with sebhorric dermatitis last year after some horrible breakouts of red flakiness on my nose cheek crevice extending outwards 2 inches on my face on both sides. I've been managing it (still rash every week or 2) using ketacoazale once i see a rash coming and washing my face lightly with both salicylic acid and head and shoulders when i take a shower.
Usually the reason has been stress, but i've recently noticed it coming up when having absolutely no stress. I suspect it has to do with my new job location (3 miles from beach) where the humidity it higher than where i live. Anyway how can i protect myself from these disgusting looking rashes on my face.
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One possibility is that increased humidity is causing the fungal infection to linger. This can be overcome by applying a combination antifungal cream. Many treatment options are there like Clotrimazole 1%, Miconazole nitrate 2%, Tolnaftate 1%, ketoconazole, terfibnafine and Butenafine hydrochloride 1%. Many OTC products containing these salts are available, your pharmacist can help. Try a combination of two and apply until the rash you see disappears. Continue application for 2 weeks after the rash disappears. The cause for persistence is that the treatment is often left in between. Meanwhile test for blood sugar level to see if it is high for diabetes too can prevent resolution of fungal infection.
If within 14 days there is no improvement, then consult a skin specialist for a reassessment of diagnosis. This rash that appears on nose, cheek and crevice between nose and cheek can be a discoid rash of lupus. An ANA titer may be required among other tests. Please consult a skin specialist. Hope this helps. Take care!
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will see a dermatologist asap
Thank you
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