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Sebum Buildup?

I have been experiencing rapid hair thinning and do not have a history of Male Pattern Baldness. I am 28, FYI and up until this last year or so always had fairly thick hair (very straight, but pretty thick). I thought it may be a thyroid issue, but my lab results weren't too telling. I had grown my hair fairly long last year and was using a lot of products to slick it back. It's not as long now, due to the thinning, and I still use the products. But, I definitely have very dry hair and notice some build up on my scalp that sometimes gets in my nails if I scratch it. Apparently this is called sebum and may be blocking my pores and causing my hair loss?

My question is, how do I remove this build up and keep my scalp where it needs to be in terms of producing natural oils?

Are there certain home remedies I can do? Certain shampoos and conditioners? IF THIS IS THE CASE FOR MY HAIR LOSS, do you think I can expect to see normal growth again once I restore my scalp to healthy levels? ​
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To clear up build up, make sure you brush hair prior to washing.  Wash with a clarifying shampoo in warm water (not hot)- once a week.  Sometimes people recommend placing baby powder on the scalp as well.  

As far as the hair loss, it very well could be that it's just what your genetics had programed- your doctor would be able to best answer if it's genetics or some other cause like the build up and you will be able to regrow the hair.  
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