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Sensitive skin on Penis

I am 28 year old guy. The skin on my penis goes all the way back. and the skin behind the head of my penis is very
very soft. When I mastubate or during intercouse (with or without condom )my skin goes back and forth over the head of the penis, I get cuts on this part of the skin. Is there a way to make my skin stronger so that I can have inercourse with freedom?
Plzz let me know

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There is no over the counter medication nor a definite medical therapy for your condition. May I ask if you are circumcised? From your post, it appears that you aren't. Uncircumcised males may have an increased chance for balanitis which is a skin condition affecting the head of the penis . Circumcision may be an option here but we also have to weigh the pros and cons for the said procedure. As a surgical procedure, this entails complication and risks like bleeding and infections.
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I had a circumsism about 7 weeks ago and it took longer than they said to get better as i needed creams and antibiotics for weeks which where issued after having to call the doctor out a few times as i couldnt really walk anywhere.Anyhow it looks about there now almost all stitches out but it is very sensitive and i am very scared to have intercourse or masterbate as it seems quite week the skin as i have sensitive and dry skin so what should i do please help
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