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Sensitive skin to touch on leg

just yesterday i developed a sensitive area of skin on my right leg.  It came on suddenly and only bother me when the area is touch by hand or clothing.  I am thinking it my be from using too much laundry detergent since it came on suddenly a few hours after wearing a pair of slacks i had just washed the day before. and the fact the load of laundry was quite large and maybe all the soap didnt get rinsed off.  However there is no redness at all, it doesnt itch.  just feels kind of like sunburned skin and bothers me the most when wearing clothes.  It has only affected my upper right thigh. It is very bothersome as it hurts to walk. Feels like i am rubbing a rash even though again it is not red at all.  Any ideas what this could be.  Never had anything like this before.
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This may be a case of contact dermatitis. As you have noted this to be associated with your wearing the slacks. I suggest that you refrain from wearing tight pants and try to wear loose ones which would not be rubbing on the area. Wash the skin with warm water and keep it dry and clean most times. You may apply 1% hydrocortisone cream once daily for 3 days. If this does not improve, then have this further evaluated.

In the absence of pain, swelling and other associated symptoms, this may not be something serious.
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