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Severe Hives for 2 months Besides steroids, can you suggest another treatment?

Hi I have had severe Hives for 2 mos. This is the worse outbreak I've ever had, and my last case of Hives was 9 yrs ago. I was in the ER 2x this past month, put on IV steroids, antihistamines & Ranitidine. I had extensive blood work done for a multitude of alleries- all negative, Lupus, Lympoma, Lymes disease, CAT scan, all negative.  I've done 2 rounds of Presnisone (which helped greatly), but 2 days after the last Prednisone pill- boom the hives came back bad. I've been to my general physican 3x in the last month and a half and was sent to an allergist.  I saw the allergist 3 days ago who said no more steroids as they have bad side effects.  I'm presently on Levocetirizine 5 mg 4 pills a day (20 mg total), Fexofenadine Hydrochlorise 180 mg, Prevacid 30 mg, Ranitidine 300 mg. IT'S NOT WORKING. Presently, Hives are on my hands- palm, wrists, back of my neck and scalp.  My hands feel raw and they are extremely itchy and burning, contact with warm+ water is painful. Besides steroids, can you suggest another treatment? Thanks
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I'm so sorry for all you are going through with the hives!  How are you doing since you posted?  Since nothing seems to be relieving them, it seems like it would be important to figure out the cause- have you been able to make any headway on what the cause is?  Do you keep a journal of foods you eat, things you do, what your routine looks like and how the hives react?  
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