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Severe and spontaneous pain underneath fingernails and fingertips

I work at a childcare center as a cook. I have to cut and make almost any kind of food you can think of. I also have to do a great amount of dishes. So i have my hands in pretty warm soap water and warm sanitizing water for a while every day for 5 days a week.
Recently, I have been getting really dry hands (I naturally have bad and sensitive skin), so i started getting in routine of putting lotion on very often. But sometimes my hands would still be dry so i would put a lot lotion on and then put non latex gloves over my hands. That helped them really good. But, after a while of having the gloves on my hands started reacting very weirdly. I would develop rashes and infections that had pus. So the dermatologist gave me an oral medicine to get rid of the infection and an ointment to put on the infected spots. I was told to wear long rubber gloves when im doing dishes, so i did that. But i soon realized that whenever i would wear the rubber or non-latex gloves it would make my hands break out again. So I stopped wearing the gloves completely.
The result of that is my hands dont break out as much but they still are really dry. They get so dry that they begin to crack on the fingertips sometimes and they are rough and hard and painful to bend. P.S. - I know for sure that my hands breaking out is because of me wearing gloves, i think its the sweat that irritates my skin.
The main problem at the moment is, about once a week my one or two of my 10 fingertips/nails will get extremely sensitive and i will experience extreme pain when i try to bend them. So now i can barely bend my fingertips/nails and i have to be very careful of what and how i touch everything. This pain last about 2 or 3 days in each fingertip then it moves of to another finger. The pain seems to be mostly under my fingernails.
I explain all this to the dermatologist but she just kinda says obvious things and just gives me medicine.
Please help, this makes my job even more stressful than it already is. And i cannot find any answer to this, i dont even no why or what is causing this.
Thank you alot.
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