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Severe facial breakouts

I have suffered with an unknown skin disorder that no MD or Dermatologist has been able to diagnose.  It started over 7-8 years ago and it is so dreadful to see another appearing due to the process and time it takes for it to heal.  No po or topical rx's have helped to heal or prevent this.  I have tried so many things from antioxidants to cleansers. Proactiv did not work so I tried tea tree oil and different products from clearasil.  I also tried rx phisohex / phisoderm.  I am 41 years old with normal skin and I never had acne until my 30's besides the normal bouts of black heads or whiteheads around my nose and chin area. my skin pores are average size and I cleanse my face daily with regular dove soap and  facial cleansers from beauty control or sheer coverage.  I do not wear makeup often, especially in the summer and I never go to bed without removing it.  The problems begin with an average size bump with no head and the outer layers of skin will peel away like a sunburn does, when the skin is peeled away it exposes numerous small, round white objects that can not be squeezed out or pulled with tweezers.  You can not even pull them out by rubbing across them with a moist cloth.  I have to use an instrument called a tweezerman from a pharmacy that has a tip on it that resembles the rounded end of a bobby pin.  I have to use extreme pressure that is very painful to the outer edges of the objects to force them to the surface.  Once an entire object is removed it leaves a very deep pin point hole and it bleeds very little if any, only serous fluid drains out.  Some of the objects have to be removed a little at a time and more sometimes surface after I have removed what seems to be all of them.  When one is removed completely and intact it looks like 4-5 fleshy balls joined together in the form of what looks like a plug.  You can not flatten them by pressing between your fingers or break them apart.  They are kind of rubbery with a smooth texture.  The sites will not heal until all of the objects have been removed and by then my face is horrid from all of the trauma and I will not leave my home until they heal due to the embarrassment  they cause.  It may take weeks before they completely heal and surprisingly I have only 1 scar from all the years of digging into my face, I think it was from sun exposure.  I have been tested and I am not diabetic, I have also tried to leave the bumps alone to see if they would dry up on their own but they never do.  I can not let this keep interfering with my social life plus all the pain I endure from it.  This week alone I have missed 2 funerals of close long time friends and was not able to be with my family during a major surgical procedure.  Words can not express how desperate I am for help, thanks for your time.  I look forward to getting your reply.
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iam sorry you are going through this . I wish you could find the answers and a cure for  what is going on with your skin. I am having a problem with my skin lately and its driving me crazy and taking a toll on my social life as well.

what kinds of medicines have you been put on ?
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