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Severe itchy, random bumps

I have been reading the posts and have something similar.  I have been to the doctor who advised an allergist.  They said to go to a dermatologist.  The dermatologist told me it was bug bites and he wasn't an exterminator!  For the past 8-9 months, itchy bumps will show up in various places seeming out of nowhere.  I can be sitting at home, work, the movies, etc.  Will feel an itch and there will be a mosquito like bite that gets bigger.  The most I have had were 16 and none on my face or head.  Usually I have 2-6 and can go a couple week without any. The largest has been slightly larger than a pencil eraser.  There are often 2 about 1/2" apart but not always 2.  I put Triamcinolone cream on them and they itch severely initially and then quickly subside.  They stay big for about 5 days and then start to shrink and will last up to 14 days.  I will itch to the point of bruising myself.  There is no pus or oozing.  The spot is red, and sometimes looks likes there is a center (like an insect bite) once it has gotten bigger.  I do not react to mosquitos bites at all.  We have thoroughly washed everything and sprayed, have checked for bed bugs, etc. I can sleep fully clothed and not in bed and still have one or 2 when I wake up.  The other person in the bed has never shown any signs.  I had chicken pox at the age of 26.  Currently going through menopause but the doctor said that would have nothing to do with it.  I have not changed anything in the past year, eating, soaps, brands, etc.  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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