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Shine Red Nose

Hello, I am Chris a 28yo male and for as much as 10 years I have supported anywhere from a Glowingly bright red nose to dim red nose. I have been the doctor and he told me it was Rosacea and gave me a list of thing to try and do in my day to day activity to calm the redness, and a long course of antibiotics. None of them made any notable difference.

Since then I have found a few things that do. If I drink A LOT (4>pints) of water during the day by the evening it will be nearly unnoticeable, but when I sleep I will wake to find the red nose again.

My skin produces an oil heavily on the nose witch I wipe away. If I wipe this oil off every 2-3 hours the red nose improves but then I get no sleep!

My nose in general, It used to sting to touch for years and could be very painful. Since I started using "Rosacea Stone" a skin treatment product design to lessen the redness the pain has completely gone. But further use of the stone causes spots. However for as long as i can remember my nose tingles all day... and when I drink Water and it starts to calm down the tingling is even worse (not distracting just notable that it is doing something)

I have tried countless different products and all seam to have no effect or make it worse. Washing helps witch I now do 2 or 3 times a day with no soap, but I am washing so much the rest of my skin is taken the brunt of it and starting to flake.

Overall I would say my normal complexion is good clear with no spots, it just my nose.

I have done many diet changes and now eat like a saint although it has not helped my nose it has improved my health. I have no Caffine, Little Salt, Little Alcohol.

Is their anything you can think of that might help?  
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Chris, welcome to the Dermatology Expert Forum! Thank you for sharing your amazing story of dedication to your health. I am sure you feel much better with all those positive lifestyle changes you have made.

In regards to persistent redness and oiliness of your nasal skin accompanied with stinging (“for years”) and probable occasional scaling, have you ever been introduced to the idea that you might be experiencing symptoms of seborrhoic dermatitis? It is not unusual for seborrhoic dermatitis and rosacea to overlap.  Your dermatologist can assess the skin from that aspect and make necessary adjustments in your topical therapy (for example recommend use of topical antifungal cream or gel).

I do not encourage you to wash entire face several times per day as that will damage your skin (dryness and scaling) and prolong recovery of nasal skin as well. On the other hand, gentle wiping (no rubbing) of excess oils on your nasal skin (when it bothers you) with soft cotton balls is harmless. Have in mind that your skin can be oily (increased activity of sebaceous glands) and dehydrated (damaged skin barrier function causes increased transepidermal water loss) at the same time.

I admire your nutritional changes. In general, balanced diet with a lot of antioxidants (e.g., vitamins A, C, E, green tea, etc.) optimal omega-3 fatty acids intake, healthy proteins, as well as minerals (selenium, zinc, chromium, iodine, magnesium, etc.) and vitamin D and  B complex intake are recommended to support skin health.

Important aspect for optimal health is stress management – spend as much time as possible being relaxed and happy with somebody you care for and /or doing something you enjoy, if possible in nature.  

Another thing to discuss with your dermatologist is laser therapy (for rosacea related redness and probably some telangiectasia).
Wishing You Optimal Health,
Dr Jasmina Jankicevic
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