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Should I consult a doctor before trying this homeopathic treatment?

I had a small dark mark on me about a year ago and thought nothing of it. In may, I noticed it started to spread and I freaked out. I went to the doctor and they told me it was pigmented purpura. He gave me some cream which hasn't helped at all.

I have been doing research online now that I'm thinking more about it because I'm afraid of it spreading. I think that the birth control pill might have caused it to flare up two months within taking the pills. I'm not sure. Anyways I think it's stupid because how can there be no treatment for weakened capillaries? It's like they have come up with everything in the world except this.

Anyways, I read around and some people on here claim that rutin or other flavanoids that have helped greatly with this condition. I read up on the article of the doctor that has performed this treatment named Dr. Fred Laufer and it seems legitimate and explaining the study. They gave a patient ascorbic acid 500 mg twice a day and a bioflavonoid rutoside 50 mg twice a day which cleared his condition for good. 3 out of 4 patients have been cleared.

Apparently those can be easily obtained and are safe. I called my doctor and he wants to charge me $100 just to see if it's safe for me to take for my body. O.o I already seen my doctor and I just wanted to ask him a question.

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My doctor diagnosed me with pigmented purpura after having a biopsy done. I just couldn't believe he would try to charge me $100 just for asking "Hey is it okay if I take rutin?"
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Laufer F. The treatment of progressive pigmented purpura with ascorbic acid and a bioflavonoid rutoside. J Drugs Dermatol. Mar 2006;5(3):290-3. [Medline].

Well,if you are sure about the diagnosis your family Doc can help you out here. ok?
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