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Single large zit and scab above lip.

Recently I developed a large zit wth a whitish center just above my lip so the red did reach my lip line but nothing on my lip.
it hurt to touch but didn't really itch or burn, there was no cluster of blisters or a point where it started to break open and ooze. It now 3 days later is a tiny scab thats a bit irritated and I'm confused and a bit scared on what to do. Ive never had a cold sore before but from what I've read I don't have a fever or any of those symptoms, I'm just quite afraid of having it and was wondering if anyone haas any idea. I do have a mustache and sometimes get ingrown hairs.
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I have never had a fever with my cold sores (although I do get very irritable).  Also, they do not always have multiple blisters.  If you are afraid it is a cold sore, I would suggest treating it with Abreva (pricy but a near miracle to those who suffered frequent cold sores before it was around).  It won't hurt anything if you don't have a cold sore and could relieve your worries.
Well I'm a bit confused cause its not a blister really at all and never leaked any fluid of any kind it was just a big whitehead that I irritated the hell out of and now is kinda scabbed. And I went to see my doctor who said it didn't look like any cold sore he's seen because of its location and look its also healing up and looks more like dead skin than anything else.
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