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Skin Atrophy

A few months back, I had a very bad reaction on my face to a skincare line.  I was currently using triamcinolone for an existing exema condition in other areas of my body.  I called the nurse at my dr's office and she suggested that I use the triamcinolone cream on my face to clear up the reaction.  It worked and in the months passing as I tried to get my facial skin back to normal, I used the triamcinolone locally, on occasion if I had another outbreak on my face.  I fear that I may have skin atrophy in areas of my face now.   They look like small pits in the skin with webbing or threading skin through them. I will be seeing a dermatologist next month but I am very fearful that my condition is permanent.  Can anyone explain what I may be going through?  
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You need to phase out to just emolients,atrophy could be a problem.If there are flareups only hydrocortisone for a few days.
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Thank you for your feedback.  I haven't used anything other than cerave moistuizing lotion and cream.  I am swearing off all steroid based creams forever.  I am really worried that I have done permanent damage.  Do you think that the atrophy is reversable?
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Does recover ,not permanent.
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That is a relief.  Do you have any suggestions on how I can speed up the recovery process?  I really appreciate your feedback.
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I generally give emollients for application and let nature do the rest.Works out fine.
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Would you think that using a 100% cocoa butter stick to the depressed areas a helpful step to recovery?  I don't get to see the dermatologist for another couple of weeks and I would like to get a head start on the healing process.  I am also taking fish oil capsules to help with my skin health.  Are these good steps?  Any other suggestions?  
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