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Skin Bubbles?

I have had a recent (within the last five months or less) occurrence of peculiar breakouts.  Major breakouts in general are uncommon for me as I've never suffered from any kind of acne in the past.

These breakouts are not anything like regular zits.  They cannot be popped, they are relatively painless and they look a lot like a small skin bubble. First I got one on my neck which I removed gradually over about month by doing the things you're not supposed to do. Picking, scratching and squeezing. It wasn't a pretty process.
I found that when squeezed there tended to be a little hole where some white would excrete but almost immediately the bubble will fill with blood. They cannot be removed by being emptied it seems.  After scratching awhile at it mostly because I had created an unsightly scab, it eventually got a white head on it and I got rid of it.
Since then I have had one on my chin which I removed with facial cleanser and I also currently have two little ones on the underside of my left breast and two on my chest under the same breast. These last four won't go away.

I have thought perhaps these breakouts may be affiliated with going to the gym due the concentration of most of them on my chest but I'm worried that maybe they are something more serious.
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So sorry.  I should probably mention that I'm a 20 year old female.
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