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Skin Damage from Smoking

Does anyone know any good remedy for skin damage and aging caused by smoking?

Ive been a heavy smoker for over fifteen years, often two to three packs a day, and Im becoming concerned that my skin is really starting to show signs of premature aging, even though Im still pretty young. I generally take excellent care of my skin and I use Nivea almost daily; and although I used to tan too much, but Ive cut back on that lately. I know I should quit smoking, and maybe eventually I will one day try to quit, but since I dont plan on that anytime soon, Im looking for any other product or routine suggestions by people who've dealt with this before.  
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I couldn't quit.  60 years old and my skin was begining to look crepey.  I got an electronic cigarette.  Best thing I have ever done.  I can - users call it vaping as in vapor - vape anywhere.  On the airplane, in my office, at the movies, in the grocery store.  There are informative videos on youtube.  You must watch them to learn which model is best for you and how to use it.  At the rate you smoke, don't pass GO, move directly to a Silver Bullet or Omega, with two 3 volt battteries.  AltSmoke.com sells those two models.  I get other supplies from LiquidXpress.com.  No more tar and other carcinegetic additives for me.

Skin rejuvenating products recommended on Dr. Oz today.  Pelleve - machine at doc's office.  Non invasive.  The before and after shots were amazing.  All the crepiness in the skin was totally gone.  L'Oreal Youth Code or Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting creams.  Olay exfoliator - hand held skin scrubber.
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Geez, three packs a day for fifteen years sounds like way too many, just a friendly suggestion but you might want to at least try cutting back just a little on the smoking. Im trying to quit right now myself, without much success, but I too have noticed alot of pre-mature aging on my skin.

As far as skin creams go, the Nivea is pretty good, but I use the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle cream and I think he helps cover at least some of those ugly smoking lines. Hope it helps you too!
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