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Skin Rash after surfing

Hi I wonder if you can help?  I have been experiencing a severe skin reaction after a session of surfing.  It leaves the skin on my face and neck (but no where else), extremely red and itchy with some lumps also (mainly on my neck) and I get an exteme burning feeling after about 5-10 mins of being out of the sea.  My face will often look as though it is sun burnt but I have been surfing in the UK over New Year and trust me it wasn't sunny!  I have surfed in warmer seas (Hawaii and Oz) and do not recall such severe reactions but my face did used to get red which I assumed was down to the sun!  I therefore used zinc cream (factor 50+) to prevent the burning which didn't always help, but I did not consider then that it was a reaction to something else.  I am now reaching the conculsion it could be to do with the salt water - is this a possibility? It doesn't occur in swimming pools or if I am just sunbathing.  Any help, tips or advice would be gratefully received as it would be great to try anything which may prevent this embarrasing reaction!  Thanks
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Hi Terro

Can't help as such but found your post whilst searching for the same thing.  I have been surfing in the UK for past 4 years and just lately me and my friend/s have been getting rashes after surfing.  We surf in North East England.  I have surfed today and yet again have red blotches all over my face, this has happened the last few times I have been surfing, funnily enough since just before New Year!!  It is embarrassing I agree, usually goes down by the next morning but even so..  I don't think it is to do with the salt water as it has only recently started happening to me and my friends.  I was speaking earlier with some people about this and they say it could be a chemical reaction to something in the sea??  Anyways, not really much help here but thought I would let you know you are not alone..  Would be interested to hear where you surf though, ie. is it just a NE England problem or all over.  If I find anything out, I'll let you know.

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i have the same problem.  i'm starting to think it has to do with the seaweed, as i've recently moved and the places i surf now are FULL of bull and giant kelp and my face rash has gotten worse :(
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I have a rash all round my neck from a surf in Porthcawl, South Wales yesterday! Not had this before but surfed there for about 3 years. It looks a bit like lots of small spots and dry skin and is a bit itchy and hot. I wonder if it could be chemicals in thew water, the seas aren't as clean as they should be, check out 'Surfers against Sewage' (SAS), they campaign for cleaner water round our coasts. Right, I am off to the chemists, bugger!
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