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Skin Rash on Fingers/Elbows

Starting last winter my skin started to itch on my right ring finger.  I thought it was the cleaning soap that was used at the place I worked.  After quiting that job in the spring I found that this skin 'rash' just got worst.

This 'rash' now covers all of the bottom/palm side of my right ring finger and is starting to form on some other fingers near the webing on both hands.  I also have it slightly on my elbows although it appears slightly different.

The 'rash' on my finger has these small pin point blisters that look to form below the skin before surfacing.  They are very itchy and it only seems to really bother me at night before I go to bed.  Over the course of time the skin becomes harsh and scaly before peeling and then repeating the process with a fresh start of blisters.  I am under stress and slightly depressed which may be the cause.  But I've tried many different types of anti-itch creams and nothing seems to work and now it's starting to keep me up late at night because the skin itches so much.
The skin on my elbows doesn't seem to have the blisters, it's just dry and itchy.

Please I just really want to know of an idea of what this could be, and if anyone has any ideas of how to decrease the amount of itchyness that would be great too.
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Please, does no one have any ideas?  At least to stop the itching so I can get some sleep.  I would go see a doctor but I'm waiting for my new health insurance cards, meanwhile I just need some ideas to help the itching. :(
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