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Skin Rash

About a year and half ago I developed a red itching, burning rash on the back of my neck.  It cleared up after a few months of hydrocort cream.  Now the last 9 months I have gotten this rash on my face, underder my breast, belly and sides and on my buttocks.  It itches really bad, it also burns and I get these little white puscules that ooze until it dries up.  Now I have been to see my PCP and dermatologist and I get a different answer from both of them.  Along with the rash I have started developing painful boils that come and go.  Not only do I get boils but my skin literally slices open in the creases of my body.  I have been on antibotics, creams and everything under the sun.  I get a diagnosis of, eczema, adult acne, peridontal syndrome, etc.  I really need to know what is wrong with me.  I have been to two different skin doctors and nobody knows what is going on with my skin.  Personally, I feel that it is something to do with my immune system and I can't anyone to listen to me.  Help!!!
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Without photo difficult but then I would think of DH- Dermatitis herpetiformis,bearing in mind the recurrent itchy papulo-pustules. This is said to be associated with gluten sensitivity. Biopsy essential.
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Will post pics later...got to have someone take them for me....
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