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Skin Rash

I have a rash of large, whitish raised bumps under both arms and along my pelvis.  Today I was prescribed 10 mg. of Claratyne for an unrelated condition.  Within 30 minutes of taking my first tablet, I had this very itchy rash.  I can't find anywhere online that that is a side effect.  Should I see my doctor or can I give it a day or two to go away?
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I don't know why you're itching, but I don't think it's a side-effect.  I'd wait a couple of days, and call then if necessary.


Dr. Rockoff
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I have a similar problem of white bumps that developed on my arm over the last week; however, mine are smaller, and I haven't taken any medication.  The bumps look like small mosquito bites or pimples clustered together around a dark red rash that developed after I scratched the initial two small bumps.  After I scratched the bumps, some clear white substance came out followed by a little bit of blood.  Over the last week, a red uneven rash developed around the 2 initial bumps, and more bumps appeared at its edges.  Other than being a little itchy, the rash does not bother me.  The area is cool, and does not smell.  It is a little sticky around the edges, and looks like a burn.  It grew from 1x1cm to almost 3x3cm in 1 week.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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My rask is similar to Linta's but mine is spreading everywhere. It doesn't bother me other than the itch, and when I sweat it burns. My doctor perscribed Zyrtec and Doxycycl HYC, which are not working.  Looking foreward to your help
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