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Skin Tag?

Yesterday morning I noticed a tiny growth (about the size of the tip of a pen, but thin and stretched a bit like an oval) just a few centimeters above and to the left of where the top of my scrotal sac meets the suprapubic region. I noticed it only by chance while I was grooming. It was skin colored, perhaps a shade darker, and sat on top of the skin as opposed to being set deeper into the tissue. It was raised enough that I could get it between my thumbnails so I squeezed it a bit thinking it may be an ingrown hair but it did not produce any discharge. Instead it came loose so I picked off the hanging skin with tweezers. It was painless and produced a single drop of blood. Today, there is only a tiny red dot the size of a pin head where it was. I imagine in a day or two it will have healed completely.

I just wanted to get someone's opinion about what it could have been since there is nothing for a dermatologist to look at now. HPV seems to be the only option as far as an STD, but I did get the Gardasil vaccine when it was approved for men and this growth didn't look like a wart compared to warts I've had on my hands and once on my forehead. Those were set deeper into the skin where as this growth seemed to sit on top of it. I've read that skin tags can be caused by friction, and I had a skin tag in a similar area many years ago before I was sexually active. I cycle 3 - 4 times a week at the gym so there is a lot of friction going on in that area. I'd just like a professional opinion based off of what I've described.

I am a 22 year old gay male. I have had two sexual encounters with the same person - mutual oral, mutual masturbation, and receptive anal - in the last four weeks who has told me he is clean. Additionally, I've read that men with warts in the suprapubic region get them more so when they are the insertive partner. As the receptive partner, that part of my skin has not been exposed to the skin of anyone's genitals.  
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