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Skin VERY sensitive to touch, little to no rash visible

About 3 or 4 days ago the skin on the lower right side of my abdomen started to feel extremely sensitive, to the point where just my t-shirt touching it is uncomfortable/painful.

I was experiencing some itching as well and have a few red marks from areas I was scratching, but it is small in comparison to the entire area that I have these symptoms for.

It does not seem to be going away and as of today I started to notice the same sensation moving down to my upper right thigh and even into my groin area, which has me a little concerned.

Any idea what this is? My mom was thinking maybe shingles (my brother had it), but I hardly have any rash and I am not experiencing a fever or any other symptoms really.

Thanks so much for any help!
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You don't always get a rash with shingles.
The pain runs along the nerve path where the virus attacks the cell nucleus.

The upper thigh and groin problem may be meralgia paraesthetica which is caused when the  lateral cutaneous nerve of the thigh, also known as the lateral femoral nerve, gets trapped.

There is no treatment for meralgia paraesthetica, apart from pain relief medications taken as directed on the packet or prescribed by your doctor and losing weight if you are overweight.

The doctor can prescribe medications to ease the discomfort if the problem is diagnosed as being shingles.

You need to book an appointment to see your doctor for the correct diagnosis and the appropriate treatment.
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