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Skin abscess

Good morning forum.6 days ago I went to a urgent care for a bump i had in my pubic hair area, I'm a male. The doctor told me its skin abscess. He drained it and puss started coming out. He took a wound culture for testing using a swab.And prescribed me doxycycline antibiotic. 5 days have passed and I still haven't taken the antibiotics because I want to know about my wound swab culture.so today I called the urgent Care and asked, they told me the culture was negative and there was no bacterial infection. My question is, should I still take the antibiotics?
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An abscess is nothing to play around with.  If any bacterial growth occurs, even if your culture from a few days ago was negative, it can quickly spread and become a systemic infection and lead to serious complications, including loss of limbs or life.

Take the antibiotics.
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I taken antibiotics in the past and took me 1  full year to recover from stomach issues and side effects. I don't plan to suffer like that again. So you you think I should risk it
Different antibiotics cause different side effects. You should talk to your doctor about the antibiotic you took then vs the one you may take now.

We can't tell you not to take medications your doctor has prescribed. Even if there wasn't any bacteria found in the abscess itself, the antibiotic can help prevent infection from the procedure.

But you have real concerns, so talk to your doctor. That's what they're there for. Your doctor knows your health history, and if you are concerned about stomach issues, I'm sure if this med is known for causing side effects, there may be another one he can prescribe.

If no bacteria was found, talk to your doctor about the cause. An abscess doesn't just appear for no reason.
Thanks auntie Jessie your like an angel when it comes for help to these type of things. :)
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