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Skin bumps/growths on top of feet, toes, ankles and top of inner thighs below groin

Some years ago I had noticed a few bumps/growths on the top of my feet (sort of middle of the insteps). These were VERY small (1/16th of an inch in diameter), not that visible (my natural skin tone) I went to a dermatologist and he passed it off as simple kerotoid (sp) eruptions and down played their importance. He also seemed irritated that I would care to have them removed. Flash forward a few years (or more) and they have clearly spread over the top of my foot, the ankles and top of my toes. I also believe this same low profile wart/bump has migrated to my upper inner thighs. They do not itch are virtually my skin tone but there presence and the fact that they are clearly multiplying (clustering?) is alarming not to mention becoming unsitely. Recently, I had gone to a Laser clinic to have skin tags removed and the technician noticed the bumps. On a subsequent vist, Laser Gal offered that she had described my problem to a Doctor friend of hers while at a seminar. He seemd to know immediately what it was and that its root cause originated in my nose as a crusty like lesion in the nostril which in time disappears but migrates and manifests itself as these bumps or eruptions on feet, ankles and other places like the inner thigh. I do not have the name of what he called the malady in front of me as I write this but I do remember that he suggested a 2% Bactroban ointment applied in the nostrils 2x daily would do the trick and actually kill whatever is "feeding" these things and promoting their spread and they would disappear in time. He suggested a rather long period of continued use of the Bactroban (2 months??) but when I looked Bactroban up most indications are that it be taken for only a week or so. To his credit I do remember quite awhile ago (predating the arrival of these things) having an unusual scab like crusty presence in one of my nostrils that lasted for a while and then disappeared. How's this all sound to you and do you have any thoughts or suggestions??
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I too have these bumps and they have been multiplying.  Also was diagnosed by dematologist as Kerotoid eruptions. Mine have spread from feet, ankles, knees to wrists and hands.  Do you remember what the condition is called?

At the same time I noticed the bumps I had gone to the dr for what they say is a birth mark.  It showed up in my late 20's.   I don't believe it is a birthmark.  It is a lot of reddish purple spots on the back of a thigh.  They tend to raise up and turn black.  If scratched they bleed.  If left alone they tend to fall off and start all over.  
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I have the exact same condition on my feet, ankles and hands and am frustrated that the doctors neither know what it is or care to offer advice on getting rid of them.
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I have the same thing.  They are flat and about the same color as my skin, although some of them are a little darker.  They started on my ankles, now they are on my ankles, feet, inner thighs and hands.  I've to two dermatoloists.  One sad that it was warts but did not recommend freezing them off because he said that it usually leaves skin discoloration in black people.  The other doctor said that it wasn't warts.  I can't quite remember what he said it was.  He gave me a prescription lotion that did not work.
Same experience. Still searching for answers.
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im 35. I first saw about 3 small bumps on my feet and 2 on my ankles at about 28. Now I can clearly see ALOT on my feet and ankles and really small ones on my hands. I have looked this up alot and 1 have seen that mine most closely resembles Stucco Keratosis. Since I have not been to a Dr for it yet as it has only began seriously mutliplying latley. I had picked up a topical solution from Walgreens called Kerasal. All the research online ive done on this say Urea can be used and some forms of acids.  Kerasal has Urea and salicylic acid. I used this for about a month with some results. Basically some of the bumps shrunk in size and lightened up alot to where you couldnt see them unless you looked hard. But  I noticed once i stop applying it. They kinda show up more again. The ones that shrunk got kinda hard too. Almost like you could scrape them right off. If anyone finds out exaclty what this is Id love to know. They are ugly and a little alarming.
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anyone ever get something that works?
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I have the same thing. I got a red raised rash that itched on my inner thighs, it lasted about 2 weeks. Shortly after that I noticed the bumps on my feet then I noticed the bumps went up on my ankles and inner thighs. I went to a dermatologist who gave me some kind of foam in can to rub on it but it didn't work. I noticed that when I get in the pool they swell and are quite visual on my feet and I can really feel them on my thighs. Normally they're very small and not very noticable at all but I know they're there and I can feel them. It's embarrassing. I think it started on my inner thighs and spread down to my feet not the other way around. They could have been so small and un-noticable that I didn't give them any attention until I felt them on my feet. When I first noticed them on my feet they itched but haven't since then. I've had them for about 5 years. I'm 45. I would love to get rid of them.
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I have the same thing, started on my feet, ankles moved to my legs and hands. They look much worse after I've been in water for any length of time even in the shower. I am 48 and have had them for about 2 to 3 years. I would love to get rid of them too.
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I have checked a few other forums on this same issue and no one seems to have any answers.  I have the bumps on the tops of my feet and around my ankles and I just want rid of them.  I believe they are some type of warts but I'm just not sure how to treat them.  
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Yep,I have the same bumps,that started on my feet and up the backs of my calves,also on my hands and inner arms. One of my calves has gotten worse and is irritating. My father has terrible skin and Im afraid i"ll get as bad. It is worse during winter months when skin is dryer. If anyone has any info of getting rid of this I would like to know.
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I have the exact same condition...started on ankles..wish there was a viable treatment
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I have these small, flesh-colored bumps on my feet, ankles and tops of hands. They were diagnosed as Stucco Keratosis. I am a 34 year old woman, so wanted these gone because they were unsightly and I was embarrased by them. These are genetic (my dad has them as well). I've tried Salex lotion, Aldara, Amlactin, Keratol, Retin-A, and other prescription medications that did not work. Finally I went to a cosmetic dermatology laser clinic, and the doctor is removing them with an Erbium laser. They apply a numbing cream first for an hour, and then he lasers off the lesions. It is not painful, but a little bit uncomfortable. In the first treatment, he removed 100 lesions from my feet. My feet are a mess right now (sore and spotted with scabs) but I hope then when these scabs heal, my skin will be improved. The stucco keratosis should not reappear where he has burned them off, but they will most likely appear in other areas. I anticipate that the laser treatments will be a yearly thing so that I can keep them under control.
No OTC or prescription creams worked for me. I was starting to lose hope that I would ever find a way to get rid of these spots. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this is the solution I've been looking for.
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I have this too.  I have not brought it up to my doctor but it is very disturbing....I thought I might have contracted it from the foot bath at a pedicure place but I didnt know for sure.....this started about 4-5 years ago, I am 48.... Feel better now that I know others with this issue, please let me know if anybody finds some solutions in treatments...
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