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Skin bumps?

I am a 47 year old male, and have a dermatology appt booked for two weeks time. I'm not sure if I'm being paranoid. I have three skin 'bumps' that I have had looked at numerous times by GPs and by a dermatologist over the period of a few years. One is on my back - looking on the internet it is the spitting image of the images of superficial basal cell carcinoma. No steroid creams have had much effect. The doctor thinks it's nothing. The dermatologist thought it may be Bowen's Disease, but the punch biopsy came back as some kind of dermatitis (??). another lesion is on my nose. It's flat, pink and bleeds every so often for a day or so, then either disappears, or goes back to being flat and pink (to me, the classic signs of a nonmelanoma skin cancer), however, the dermatologist studied it and said quite plainly that it is a spider angioma and nothing to worry about. Following another 12 months of it repeating the cycle I went back to the GP who looked at the lesion with a dermoscope, read the derm notes, agreed with them and then cryotherapied the side of my nose (without having biopsied the lesion!). That was three months ago, and the lesion has not returned, however, I'm bothered that this has just masked what it actually was. The other lesion is on the side of my leg - this is a small pink bump that seems to always have a small scab on it, again, the GP/derm have brushed this off as just a skin bump. Am I being paranoid? Are there literally hundreds of skin conditions that can produce these lesions, and I'm just being a panicky Google searcher who should trust the experts? I just don't want to be fobbed off again next week when I have them looked at again :(
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