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Skin cracking on thumbs and heels


For several years, starting in about October of each year, both of my thumbs have the skin crack and split wide open.  This takes place at the tips in a line extended from the sides of my thumbnails.  This is painful as the splits are deep and I work with my hands alot (farming).  I've tried alot of different hand creams (daily or more).  This year I also have splits on a couple of fingers and one of my heels has a couple.  I've had this since I was about 22 or so.  I live in Manitoba.  Any help (ie:  diet, supplements, meds, etc) would be appreciated.

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Tough problem.  You might try either of the following hand creams (all nonprescription):

Aquaphor Healing Ointment
Bag Balm (poular among farmers)

I don't know how feasible it would be to protect the hads while working, but anything you do along that line would help.


Dr. Rockoff
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Just wanted to share my "solution" for this problem.  There is available an over-the-counter "antiseptic liquid bandage" called NEW SKIN that has eliminated the pain associated with this cracking.  It keeps out moisture allowing the skin to heal and in the meantime eliminates the pain associated with the cut.  I don't leave home without it!
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