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Skin discoloration

Hello, I am a 25 year old white female who has recently noticed a skin discoloration above my upper lip and moving down now around my lowe lip.  I'm getting very self-conscious about it- it just came about probably a few weeks ago- it resembles a light 5 o'clock shadow - I know weird.  There is no possibility of being pregnant and I use the Nuva Ring as birthcontrol.  I was trying to read up on it and a lot of things tell me to avoid the sun, but I feel that since my tan is fading, that area is getting darker and more noticable, my mom just said something to me about it the other day, I am now in hiding (just kidding).  I don't have an appointment with the dermatologist for a couple weeks(its so hard to get an appointment) and I was just wondering if anyone had any advice?  I was thinking about calling my facial girl and asking her to see if maybe a peel or something would help but I'm afraid its going to make it worse.  Thanks!
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Hormonal level fluctuations are known to cause skin pigmentation changes in females.
Usually, hyperpigmentation will gradually lessen over time and normal skin colour will return. However, this willrequire time, about  6-12 months or longer.
You  shoulduse a good broad spectrum sunscreen daily to reduce further discoloration.

A variety of skin lightening agents are available to lighten/bleach hyperpigmented lesions. Usually combinations of the treatments below are usually required for significant improvement.

Hydroquinone,Tretinoin cream
Corticosteroid creams, Glycolic acid peels
Azelaic acid
Chemical peels, laser treatments  may be helpful  but may aggravate pigmentation in some cases.

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