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Skin growths in groin area

About a month ago or so, I shaved the hair around my groin area and, in doing so, discovered two red skin growths near the top base area and then slightly to the right. Neither were actually on the penis. They were pink-ish (slightly flesh-colored I suppose), but have become red (no doubt from my incessant picking at them). They are completely painless (except when I pick at them to the point of irritation). I assumed they might be a rash, skin tags, or acne. Recently, I discovered two more, smaller, actually on the shaft of the penis. These do not hurt as well, and are more flesh colored than the other two. I also discovered two small bumps (flesh-colored, possibly white) directly under the head of the penis. These do not hurt either.

None of these things are painful unless irritated and do not pain me beyond the irritation of them being there. I, of course, became paranoid that it might be either genital herpes or genital warts, despite the fact they do no seem to match with any of the pictures I have seen of either of these conditions. I realize that this doesn't necessarily rule them out, but this, in addition to the fact that there are only six or seven of them total or don't seem to be spreading anymore (if they ever were), makes me think it isn't that (although I am unsure).

In researching this online, I've found other people stating this has happened to them, especially after shaving, suspecting they are rashes or ingrown hairs, but it seems odd that an ingrown hair or rash would persist for a month and a half.

I suppose my question is, what could this be and is there a way to treat it (particularly in a prescription-free way, as I am currently without health insurance and not the best well off?)

Thank you.
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Sorry, Holden, but you can't diagnose bumps on the internet.  They certainly aren't herpes.  As to whether they are anything at all, I recommend that you leave them absolutley alone for 4 weeks and see a doctor then (if they're still there.)  Otherwise, you're never going to know.

Take care.

Dr. Rockoff
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