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Skin healing after herpes out break

I just had my first herpes outbreak back at the end of August.
It was 2 painful ulcers on the shaft of my penis (one just above my circumcision scar and one just below)
I went in and test positive for HSV-1 (i got it from a girl giving me oral sex)
the ulcers took a few weeks to scab and heal. However, about a week or so after they looked/felt healed, I tried having sex (with a condom) after a few minutes (it was kind of rough sex) I felt a burning in the same area. Afterwards I went into the bathroom and sure enough the area had turned into an open lesion. Not an ulcer, but still a bit uncomfortable.
After a few days it seemed to heal up. so i waited about another 10 days after that. Again I could see a small discoloration where the sores had been, but they looked/felt healed. I tried sex again (with a condom, not rough) and when i checked it afterwards they'd opened up again.
I went to see my doctor and he told me sometimes it takes a while for it to completely heal but that it would. he said to use neosporin twice a day, which i have been doing.
I forgot to mention that through some of this time I was masturbating without actually touching the area, and it didn't seem to cause any adverse reaction. however I figure yanking on the skin around it might delay the healing process.

So now it has been 3 weeks since i've tried intercourse or masturbating  while actually massaging the sensitive area.
It still looks the same as the first time i thought it was healed so I'm basically afraid to keep re-starting the healing process by either having sex or masturbating, but in the meantime trying not go crazy.

Is it possible that this area will never fully heal?
Will I have to cut out all vigorous sex?
If I want to masturbate without touching the actual area is that ok?
should i try masturbating while actually touching the healing area?

please let me know anything you can.
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Skin after herpes heals completely--you don't need to worry that it will never heal.  You'll just need to adjust the vigor of your sexual activity to the way the skin behaves, just as you would if you didn't have herpes.  Just as you would avoid rubbing any healing scab anywhere on your body, you should do the same with your penis.  In time, however, your skin will behave just as it always has.

Take care.

Dr. Rockoff
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