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Skin inflamation irritation

Hello doctor,

My Bio:

26 white male
medium sensative skin, I tan good
Bad perspiration, sweaty palms, cant where thin darker tshirts
been Smoking for 8 years
clean cut, shower everyday, unless no work, then every other
Dont do drugs

Not allergic to anything I know of, family members have cases of asthma, every 6 months or so I get a bad lung sickness, symptoms of bronchitis, but never diagnosed that way, hay fever like, emphasyma, etc. Due to smoking im sure.

  I remember the day it started, August 1st, 2005, the day my son was born. I was at the hospital, I had some greesy hospital burger and fries, then decided to go smoke a cigarette before they induced my very first child. I returned to the delivery room, rubbed my face because I was anxious. And within a minute, nearly my whole face turned bright red and remained that way until 4-5 minutes after touching it. My face felt mildly inflamed too, like a small burning sensation where I had rubbed my face.
  At the time of this, I had a bad hemeroid, making #2 almost unbearable. But I thought hemeroids were on the outside, this was like half an inch to an inch inside my anal cavity with no outside signs of hemeroid. But im not sure if this had anything to do with it anyways, Just mentioning. Personally I think the hemeroid came from drinking diet pop, because it began as soon as I began solely drinking it and stopped a week after I stopped drinking it.
  Anyways, back to my skin irritation, I thought no big deal, maybe it would go away, and was a one time deal. But it has continued, and doesnt just bother the face, although my face is definatley more sensative.  Heres a couple examples.

-I scratch myself anywhere on my body, mainly stomache, thighs, back & Shoulders. And after scratching I get the fingernail welps on my skin, which itch, but goes away after 3-4 minutes after not being touched.

-Same happens if someone else scratches me.

-I get in the shower, completley wash my hair, face, and body, get out, towel my face, and my face turns bright red with minor inflamation. But good showers seem to decrease the inflamation by 40% I would say. Until later in the day

   Heres a couple other helpful details

-For the last couple years I have stayed around 215-230lbs, and im a moderate greezy food eater.

-I always wear a hat, for work, for leisure

-I have a nice head of hair, but the scalp sometimes itches, and has a light greesy texture after a days work. Also has an undescribible mild smell up close. No bad dandruff, Pretty healthy hair overall

-There are never skin irritations/rashes w/o the touching or scratching of the skin

-On my days off I usually end up lightly scratching myself all day

-Even though my hemeroid went away theres is sometimes/usually a burning itching sensation in my anal cavity, also minor liquid leaking sometimes occur, even though Im disposing solids.

Thats all I can think of right now, I hope you can help.

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You mention all sorts of things that I can't link up together into one diagnosis.  Everyone develops red lines on the skin when it's scratched, from the histamine that's in some cells in the skin.  I can't think of any connection with hemorrhoids.  All the other symptoms don't seem to add up to anything.  In short, I don;t know for sure whether you have anything at all.  You will need to see a doctor in person to sort this all out, or to tell you that you're fine except that your skin gets red sometimes and it doesn't matter.


Dr. Rockoff
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we have tried different laundry detergents, deodorants, and it happens in every enviroment..

I can rub my eye and it will look like someone punched me, 5 minutes later, it goes away
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Sounds like urticaria, which people call hives. There's a kind of hives called dermographism--"skin writing"--which means that you raise a welt on your skin wherever you stroke or pinch it. My sister had it for years; hers eventually went away.

Get to a dermatologist. If that's what you have, you may have to take some medications or avoid certain foods.
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Hello All,
I was wondering if anyone has had a issue were a certain part of the body will start to flare up start to itch and no matter how bad you scratch it does not go away.But will only last for about 30 minutes.

For example: my left arm, from my elbow to my wrist mainly on the top part of my arm,will just out of nowhere start itching serverely. Feels like its under the skin. I scrath with no relief. I commute to work heading south in the morning, and north in the evening. Which puts my left arm in the sun for an hour and half each way.Could this be sun poisoning? What would cause this to happen.

Its started about 2 years ago, very minor to the point now it has spread on my arm. Also in the winter time, I do not have any problems with it. Im not allergic to anything
am healthy,all organs and blood count and things such of that are normal. I dont smoke or do drugs, I drink beer and wine eat generally healthy foods. I can put creams on it such as Cortaid and other itch relief creams and it does keep me from itching but it is still there.

I also noticed that as I scratch I break these little dry like pimples that will burst and bleed then scab up and go away after a few days. Any input as to what this might be would be a great relief

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