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Skin is become polka dotted. Shoulders and back

I am 38 up until 10 years ago I was a dedicated sun bather. This year I have tanned one time. No burning ad I am very olive. But for about 9 months my shoulders and back are dotted with the tan ski. And dots of very pale skin. No flaking or dryness. Not raised or even palpable. My neck is covered in bumps, resemblibg pimples. I pick and pop them.could this be shingles? Suffered almost fatal case of sepsis 1 year ago. Please help.
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I just responded to your other post- but I'm not sure if this is shingles or not.  Does it hurt?  Shingles is known to be incredibly painful- like you can't miss it pain.  I've known some really tough people to have stated it's the most pain they have ever felt in their lives.  If it's not painful, I think you have another issue.  I'd have a doctor take a look at what might be going on.  
Thank you. I am going today. Looking at pics though, it looks like shingles. But thankfully no pain. Any relation however to sepsis?
How did your appointment go?  Shingles, that I'm aware of, doesn't have a connection to sepsis- a year is also a long time to see a rash all the sudden from it, but if your immune system was worn down (like I mentioned in my other reply on your other post)- it's possible the chicken pox virus could cause shingles as a result.  With no pain though, I'd be surprised if that's what you have.  Did your doctor have any answers for you?
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