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Skin rash below lips (beard are). Dermatitis seborreica?

Hi guys,

I got his rash this morning, well more like I got it all the time, but this morning it got inflamed...

All my life a had Atopic Dermatitis, but it stayed on my elbows and I didn't had much problem with it.

It started year ago and it seems I just can't get rid of it...
If try to eat healthy food as in general my body is really sensitive to what I eat. So, mainly I'm eating meat+vegetables, some nuts, fruits, basically no fast food and no high sugar foods.

Of course, here comes the problem, weekends are a lot different.... Beer/weed, pizzas/kebabs, sugary foods, fast food and in general what you eat when you are going out...

And the result all-the-time is the picture above...

This kinda is throwing me off... I never had this before, I mean it started one year ago, when my body was in general in really bad shape and it does not seem to go away.

So, I'm looking for guidance now... all Doctors I visit just want to give me steroid creams and that's it... I don't believe in cureing symptoms, I want to get to the bottom of this and just cure myself from disease or to know how to control it.

Dear professionals, what do you think is this? Dermatitis seborreica?
Maybe someone had that and can give me tips and share their story?

Any help would be much appreciated!

P.S. When the rash is severe, I get these little white-headed dots/zits... Even when the rash is calm and I don't feel it, the redness never goes away...
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