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Skin rashes

my 3yr daughter has suddenly developed a skin rash about 2 days back which look like mosquito bites. It actually starts of like a red patch, which gradually develop onto a slightly elevated bump ! this rash usualy subsides after about an hour and then might appear on another part of her body after some time.the rashes are multiple. after that she's fine ! then after she wakes up from sleep the same process is repeated. The rashes are usually on her back, buttocks and thighs. My daugher is not aware of these rashes and there is no itching at all ! Please help !!
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Bumps that suddenly develop in the face or the body may be due to hives, a skin reaction to allergen, medication or infection. They are pink to red bumps or slightly raised patches of skin which may last for a few minutes or hours. In this condition, it is important to determine  and avoid the trigger that could be causing this. Are there other symptoms present? Since the location is at her back, buttocks and thighs, it may also be due to an irritation or possible allergic reaction. If it persists, have this evaluated further by your dermatologist for proper management.

Take care and keep us posted.
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I seem to have found the cure to my daughters problem ! After all the searching around for clues , the problem finally pointed to a new detergent that we bought and had used it just a day before her problem started ! We dressed her with clothes that were washed with the previous detergent, and also changed her bed spread to ones that were washed with the previous detergent. And after a day the problem of her skin rashes just disappeared. So it all seems it was the new detergent that was causing the problem!
Thanks a lot for the help.
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By the way my daughter had no symptoms at all !!!
No fever, cold, cough and most of all no itching !!!!
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I have recently notice that i broke out with a patch of bumps ion my stomach. Then i fount another on the inside of my left arm. After that i fount one on my chest then fount one on the forearm of the left arm again.Please Help!
I woke up with a red rash on the side of my stomach and in front of my stomach above my belly button it hurts and it some what itchy and its been hear for two days going on 3days now what do I do
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