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Skin red spots

Can you help after being to 3 Derm. Doctors + my own physician I
am still having skin problems on my hands, I have red blood blisters, that just pop up for no reason at all on hands if I bump my hands they just appear, very red (looks like bleeding under skin) stays for a week or two then disapears, I've been using a compound skin cream for the palms of my hands which break out itch, bleed, have breaks that take forever to heal,
can you help, please?
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It may not be possible to prevent this kind of skin fragility, but you may be able to help it up to a point by taking Biotin 600 micrograms per day (a B vitamin available over the counter) and applying Aquaphor Healing Ointment (likewise OTC) as often as needed during the day and at bedtime.


Dr. Rockoff
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A head itchy start before 16 years.
This inchy after few years cover all the body if it is cold  and go to warm place or If I get upsand or drink cold water(shock).
During the summer no Problem.
Last years red spots appear on my body when skin itchy stops.
My last doctor gave me antibiotics (OSPEN 1000).
The skin itchy is smore smoth and spots appear on my hands only.
My nose open and I feel my head "lighter".
The question is what was the problem?For how long I have to take medicine.
Doctor gave me OSPEN for 5 weeks stop for 4 months and start again for one week.
Unfortunadly he can not answer the above quastions (is it bactiria,streptococous) For sure is not alergy.

Could you help me on the above questions?
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