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Skin regrowth?

I had an angioma (red spot) removed from above my upper lip.  They used a needle to cauterize the spot which was supposed to make it go away.  It took a number of injections over several visits before the redness seemed to respond and fade a bit.  But in it's place, I now have a triangular shaped divet about the size of the head of a pin where the skin is missing and no longer flush with the rest of my skin above my top lip.  The mark is now more pronounced and noticeable, dark like the color of my lips, and impossible to cover with makeup because of the hole in the skin.  Will the skin ever grow back and what can I do about it now or in the future?  Any suggestions?

Thank you.
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Unfortunately you have got depigmentation and sunken scars after cautery which are side effects of this procedure. There is no topical treatment for this and I would suggest collagen or hyaluronic filling or laser resurfacing. Please discuss these treatment options with your cosmetologist.
I hope it helps. Take care and please do keep me posted in case you have any additional doubts.

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Thank you so much for the information.  I will definitely look into all of those options.  I wish I had been informed about the potential side effects beforehand as I would never have opted to have the cautery done in the first place.  My dermatologist simply said that he could get rid of the angioma without bothering to mention any side effects.  I'm really quite discouraged but thank you, once again, for your advice.  Which solution do you feel to be the most effective with the fewest side effects? I'd like to have it look as smooth as possible since it is my upper lip that we're talking about.
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