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Skin tags or HPV warts?

Hello there,

About 2 years ago as my doctor was doing my pap test she noticed I had some "cauliflower" looking growths by my vaginal hole. She sent me to a specialist who performed a pap test with a camera. She said I had bumps/warts all along my vaginal walls. She did that spray test to see if the bumps would turn white (and then therefore be HPV) but they did not turn white. She then took a biopsy of one and it came back benign.

The specialist told me that at one point I may have had HPV but that I do not have it now.

I have been dating my boyfriend for about 3 years and he does not have any symptoms of HPV. Both of our previous relationships were with virgins. These warts/bumps appeared during my first pap test after starting to be sexually active with my current boyfriend. When my boyfriend and I inspected my vagina, we did notice 3 skin tag looking things on my labia minora and then about 3 skin tag looking things on my hole (I did not notice any cauliflower looking things).

My questions are:
1) My boyfriend and I were having lots of sex (1-2 times per day - I would say for about 8 months before I had the pap test where my doctor noticed them appear for the first time) and often the condom would get dry but we would just keep going because it did not feel bad. Could the things I have near the opening of my vaginal hole and on my vaginal walls be skin tags caused by friction from sex with dry condoms??

2) I have noticed that the 3 skin tag looking things around the hole and that area is starting to get a little irritated/burn during sex during any position that is not straight in and out. I was wondering if they can be removed?

3) From explaining my situation, what do you think I could have?

Thank you very much!
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What you have are called Genital Warts, those happen to men and women. It is within the STD spectrum, thus those "cauliflower"  looking growths you mention are the warts. I suppose you had a pap smear by your doctor, this first link explains it very well and clearly.

Now this next link is not pretty to look at, these are pictures of how the warts look both in men and women.


Once you are in the page see the top and you will read Genital Warts, Anal Warts and Cervical Cancer, click on each and you will see the pictures.

You need to keep on checking yourself with Pap Smears just in case it becomes an HPV issue which if not attended to can become cervical cancer. I would be best if you had protected sex, you can avoid the dryness using a lubricant but protect yourself if it turns out to become a Cervical Cancer then you will know why you git it. Read the first link above and then if you are up to it look at the pictures. If you need further information check the following links:


I am sorry I have had to post the link to those graphic pictures but it is necessary for you to have first hand knowledge on the subject of your question.

Good luck and be careful.


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From the symptoms they can be benign growths since the biopsy have come out clear. Skin tags can occur but it cannot be explained by growths inside the cervix. If you notice any more growths during the routine pap smear or pelvic examination then you should have a repeat biopsy done to rule out any genital warts. The virus causing genital warts may lie dormant inside the nerve cells unless reactivated.
It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.

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