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Skin trouble

Dear Doctor,
I have been having an issue with my skin for a few months now. One day, in the beginning of November, I felt a little dizzy and nauseated (it was barely noticeable, but I did mention it to a friend). The next morning I woke up with a small ring on my inner arm just above the crease of my elbow. It started with a diameter of a pea and a week later it was more than an inch and a half and I was getting more. I treated it with anti-fungal cream followed by psoriasis cream, and then different bands of moisturizing cream, with no improvement. After looking for similar rashes on the internet, I thought it might be Pityriasis Rosea, but instead of improving on its own, it continuos to get worse. Until today, I had mirror image rings on both arms from my shoulders to my wrists (20-30 rough rings on each arm, at varying stages and sizes). They are most noticable after I exercise and/or take a shower. Today, January 22, I was feeling similarly to how I felt in November and now I have a ring on the back of my upper leg. These rings evolve into large patches of rough skin, it stings severely just before they erupt on my skin with intense itching as they grow. I have very fair skin and freckles. Every place where a patch has cleared, there is a noticeable symmetrical circle of missing freckles. Do you have any idea what this can be or any advice to improve my situation? Thank you.
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A few things I forgot to mention.... My husband and son have been in constant contact with my arms and are both perfect pictures of health. I have not taken any medications. And, the rings look like cigarette burns at first then they lighten as they grow. Also, one will first appear on my left arm and within hours one will begin to appear on my right arm in nearly identical locations. I am getting a new one this moment on the back of my opposite upper leg.
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Differentials may include pityriasis rosea, viral exanthems, drug allergies, eczematous diseases like seborrheic dermatits and dermatophytic disease.Dermatophytes involve fungal infections which may involve the trunk, extremities, scalp, face and digits. Tinea corporis or dematophytic disease of the trunk  may present as redish circles with elevated borders and a clear center.

Seek consult with a dermatologist so that proper management be given. For the mean time , keep your body dry after taking a bath. Avoid borrowing or sharing towels. Fungal infections may be associated with fever or fatigue.Do not use antifungals until you have sought your physician's advice.

Keep us posted.

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