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Slightly irregular lentigo

I have health anxiety so I'm trying to put this in perspective.I had a 2mm.x 3mm. brownish spot on back of calf. Was there for  many years(noticed in 80's) without any change that I could see.It was shaped alittle like a x-mas tree with two areas that had a darker brown line.Spot was flat with skin.Gal at work had a melanoma removed which set off my health anxiety and I went to dematologist. He checked it and said it was no big deal but since there was some "feathering" he could take it off ( i.e. insurance would cover)if it was going to make me worry.Of course, I wanted it gone so he removed it.I didn't see what he used instrument wise but he did use novacaine or something and the area afterwards was wider than the 2x3 with the appearance of having top layers of skin gone. Area of excision was flat like an inverted plateau .He put some yellow stain like stuff on excised area for bleeding. Got short letter from him one week later that said it was a "slightly irregular lentigo.No cancerous cells were found although it is good that this is now gone. Hope you are healing well" Unfortunately ,I symptom surfed Lentigo and found lentigo maligna. Now I'm perseverating on the wording "slightly irregular" and "good that it is gone".I think he may have been using the word irregular to describe the shape but...Do you think there might be a lentigo maligna? Should I let this go as an over reaction to a what he probably thought was a reassuring letter. I did tell him I was a neurotic. I did notice two tiny darker areas kinda under the plateau area.Almost looked like snake bite marks .May be tiny bruises  but my mind has it that he didn't get it all.  If some is left will that be evident with complete healing or could this be covered over by healthy skin and lurking below the surface? The dark spot like areas are actually bigger than the original spot which makes me abit more convinced it is some bruising.I am 56 years old and take ASA 81mg. so alittle bruising wouldn't be out of the question.Help me with rational perspective since I'm not good at that.Thank you.
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Lentigo means freckle.  A malignant lentigo means a malignant freckle, which occurs on the faces of the very elderly.  A lentigo, without the word malignant attached to it, is just a freckle.  I think the dermatologist was happy it's off, because he thought you'd stop worrying about it; unfortunately, he seems to have achieved the opposite.  Please call him to clarify so you won't worry any more.


Dr. Rockoff
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