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Sloughing oral mucosa

I have a white sloughing mucosa problem on the underside portion of my tongue that has been present for 9 months or so and started on one side and progressed to the other. It is generally painless unless agitated, and has periods of acquiescence. Before sloughing, I notice strange striations on the site of sloughing. I had a dentist check me out one time, but it was during a time the symptoms were in remission and he shrugged it off readily. I thought it could possibly be lichen planus as the tops of my feet have had a rash that itches fiercely for the same amount of time. After scratching, there can be seen some slight oozing of the sore, with a redish/purple scar that eventually forms.
My submandibular lymph node also swelled slightly once, and then disappeared roughly 2 weeks afterward, only to return approximately 2 months later.
As a side note, I do have herpes simplex, and have strong anxiety especially towards this lesion. Often times I find myself rubbing my tongue fiercely on the offending site to rub off any lose skin.
I used colgate total, but after research believed that could have been the cause of my symptoms, so I switched to Tom's of Maine, and when the symptoms persisted, I switched to Sensodyne with again no relief of symptoms. I also continue to use Listerine on a regular basis.
I am also prone to cavities and have 4 present right now. I also have a history of halitosis.
My workplace is full of carcinogenic chemicals including M-Cresol, formaldehyde, DMF, THF, Hexane, Formic Acid, Sulfuric Acid, Nitric Acid, Hydrochloric Acid, etc... I have been around these chemicals for 1.5 years now. I use proper safety protocol, but sometimes it is not enough and accidental exposure has occurred on the skin, mainly the hands and wrists.
I have had a history of acid reflux as well.
Any help you could give would be so appreciated. I can't take the anxiety of wondering if I have oral cancer or not. Please help.
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